Business plan: a tool to convince

The business plan of the past two years has asked entrepreneurs to adapt it to special circumstances, but has once again proved its worth in taking risks. The business plan is every creator’s companion! It describes your business project, determines feasibility and profitability, determines objectives and finally defines material, human and financial needs. It is … Read more

a business model that works

The sale of online training consists of marketing your own training or that of others. It involves mastering several essential digital marketing fundamentals. Overview of good practices. Online training sales: a very healthy market The context of the pandemic has given us a lot of free time. Some people have chosen to use this time … Read more

Forget sustainability, it’s time for regenerative business

Posted on November 22, 2021, 07:01 am Everyone wants to be sustainable and responsible. When some commit to reducing their negative externalities, others pride themselves on not being the worst of students. Sustainability has become a propaganda tool that disempowers individuals from their damaging mark on society. The facts are there and no one can … Read more