These jobs with the best salaries in 2022

Which job pays well? What are the jobs with the best salaries with or without a degree? Here are some questions that intrigue many French. After discovering jobs that guarantee a salary of more than €100,000, Business Cool paints a portrait of these high-paying jobs.

When you go to work, you always want to find a job that pays well, gets the best salary and that’s normal! The goal is to increase the know-how, but also the added value that we offer a company.

So ask yourself: which job pays well and offers the best salary? We have dug up the highest paying professions according to your degree or your original education, but also the sector of the activity.

Job that pays well: THE job with the best salary

No, President of the Republic is not the position that guarantees you the best salary. The job that pays well, that offers the best salary, doesn’t really exist. Why ? Because it just depends on your company, your work environment.

In reality, the profession of influencer can bring a better salary than that of DIRECTOR. The CEO of a startup gets much less than the HRD or the CIO of a large group like Apple. A self-employed craftsman can also promote a profession that pays well, if he is successful. It’s all a matter of perspective. However, some jobs pay much better than others.

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Jobs that pay well without a degree

What job pays well if you don’t have a degree? If you want a job with an attractive pay, there are several manual professions at your disposal. Of course, it depends on the efforts you make to acquire and retain customers. However, it is important to note that in order to accelerate your professional success, you should always hope for a better salary or advancement in your career, it is better to conduct a short workout.

Among the professions that pay well without a diploma, we find a bartender, truck driver, baker, drone pilot, money courier or crane operator. Why are these perfect examples of jobs that pay well? Very simple, because these are so-called tension professions. Indeed, companies are struggling to find truck drivers and are ready to put their hands in the wallet to attract them.

Another job that pays well without a degree is the plumber job. In general, more manual occupations are quite rewarding. This is especially true for the locksmith. These two professions can also offer a salary close to the minimum wagethat a fee that may amount to or even exceed €5,000 or €6,000.

Nevertheless, in order to develop your activity as a plumber or locksmith, it is recommended to obtain a professional baccalaureate degree, a patent or an education devoted to these subjects. In addition, the profession of plumber in Paris pays much better than in the region, as the demand is higher.

It is important to note that other occupations such as machinist can be interesting. Here the starting salary can go up to €2,000 per month, while a truck driver earns an average of €32,000 per year. So these high paying trades can give you a head start.

Top 3 jobs that pay well without a degree

Without further ado, here are our lists of job ideas that pay well without a degree.

  1. Broker: In this position, your mission is to manage the sale, purchase or rental of various goods and properties. You start prospecting and searching for real estate by going around the cities, handing out flyers or using the telephone technology. As soon as you find the property for sale or for rent, you must determine a price in consultation with the owner. Salary a real estate agent can expect: between 1500 € and 4000 € gross per month.
  2. Truck Driver: If you are lonely and having a supervisor or an n+1 doesn’t excite you, then being a driver is what you need. You don’t have to do 10 studies to get there. As a mission, you will have to navigate the roads to transport goods in France or abroad. At the start of your career, the salary is around €1,700 per month and can be as much as €3,000 excluding bonuses with years of experience.
  3. VTC driver: if the profession of truck driver does not appeal to you but you do like to drive, then it is preferable that you turn to the profession of VTC driver (Touring Vehicle with Chauffeur). You are then responsible for transporting passengers as pleasantly as possible. Customers are generally individuals and will call on you for their business or personal travel. In terms of salary, there are big differences depending on the geographic areas where you will be working: some barely touch the SMIC while others can earn up to 3000 € per month.

Professions that pay well after a short training or retraining

You are in the process of conversion and you have decided to take a short education to change career or life? You ask what job that pays well you can go for? Several options are available to you. In general, after a short education, you can opt for an earlier handicraft: confectioner, baker, plumber, locksmith. You can also look for a support function.

Among the professions that pay well after a short education, we find functions such as: business developer, web developer or community manager. In these professions, the salary necessarily depends on the size of the company. A very good community manager is hard to find and companies pick up these young people who have mastered the codes of social networking. The web developer can hope to earn at least a salary of € 35,000 per year in a small structure. This job pays well as a junior can expect a salary of up to €47,000 per year. Finally, the business developer’s salary includes a significant portion of the variable. The latter can even double.

Occupation That Pays Well: Other Occupations That Offer Good Salaries

Of course, it’s easier to find a job that pays well if you have a master’s degree or higher. It is therefore advisable to continue studying and even opt for: an MSc that offers good prospects for the future. These courses offer specialization in growth sectors and professions. Studying is betting on your future. It can be long and cumbersome, but it really is the guarantee of a well-paying job that you love.

Professions that pay well in health and medicine

Unsurprisingly, healthcare professions pay extremely high. A general practitioner earns an average of € 5,700 net per month. Specialists, on the other hand, have much higher salaries. Here is the salary of some professions that pay well in the world of health:

  • Cardiologist: up to €9,000 per month
  • Surgeon: up to €11,500 per month
  • Dentist: up to € 7,500 per month
  • Dermatologist: up to €7,000 per month
  • Ophthalmologist: up to €10,000 per month
  • ENT: up to €9,000 per month
  • Pediatrician: up to €13,000 per month
  • Psychiatrist: up to €7,000 per month
  • Vet: up to €6,500 per month

Jobs That Pay Well in Tech

Tech jobs are on the rise. It must be said that the technological transition is in full swing for companies, regardless of the sector in which they operate. What job pays well in the world of Tech? Unsurprisingly, data tasks are popular and sought after. Companies are missing data scientists and data analysts. A data scientist, at the beginning of his career, can earn up to €47,000 per year. In the United States, his salary can reach over $100,000 a year.

Here are some careers in the world of Tech that pay well:

  • Network administrator: up to € 3,500 per month
  • CTO (Chief Technology Officer): up to €12,000 per month
  • Data Analyst: up to €5,000 per month
  • Back-end developer: up to €4,000 per month
  • Front-end developer: up to €4,000 per month
  • Full stack developer: up to €5,000 per month (early career)
  • Product owner : up to € 4,000 per month (at the start of your career)
  • UI Designer: up to €4,000 per month
  • UX Designer: up to € 4,500 per month

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Jobs that pay well in the financial world

Unsurprisingly, the financial sector is one of the most profitable. It must be said that some jobs come with risks and stress. That is why these positions are part of this well-paid top position. You may have already read articles about insane Private Equity salaries. In this universe, some receive compensation of more than 2 million euros!

Find the salary of some jobs that pay well in finance:

  • Financial analyst: up to €10,000 per month
  • Associate in Private Equity: up to €10,000 per month (at the start of your career)
  • Management controller: up to € 4,500 per month
  • DAF (administrative or financial director) or CFO: up to € 12,500 per month
  • Accountant: up to €9,000 per month
  • Asset manager: up to € 3,000 (at career start)
  • Risk manager: up to €6,000 per month

A well-paid profession: what about auditing and finance?

Again, it will come as no surprise to you that the audit and finance professions pay off a lot. What job pays well in this world? It should be noted that this depends on the seniority of the profiles, but also on the offices. Directors and partners are necessarily paid better than young entrants.

Here are some high paying professions in the world of auditing and finance, as well as their salaries:

  • Financial auditor: up to € 3,500 per month (at the start of your career)
  • Consultancy (starting career): up to €5,000 per month
  • Consultancy (after 3-4 years of experience): up to €11,000 per month
  • Consulting (Partners and Managing Directors): up to €50,000 per month

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