Ecole Ducasse and Globeducate join forces to create vocations in gastronomy from an early age

The prestigious Ecole Ducasse partners with the international education network of excellence Globeducate, one of the world’s leading K-12 education groups, with more than 55 first-class bilingual and international schools in 10 countries, welcoming 31,000 students. This collaboration aims to introduce young people to the world of culinary arts and patisserie, by experiencing the profession and why not create ambitions for the future. The partners approach their collaboration with the desire to create opportunities between the different institutions of their respective networks.

Ecole Ducasse wants to inspire from an early age this new generation, of which the pupils of the Globeducate schools belong, to make them discover the gastronomy of excellence, to develop their taste and their senses and to make them aware of the importance of healthy food that respects the planet and reflects the culinary philosophy of Ecole Ducasse.

Ecole Ducasse’s interest in sustainable and planet-friendly diets resonates with Globeducate’s program to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and its partnerships with Eco-Schools and WWF. This collaboration is another concrete way for young people in Globeducate schools to use their skills and understanding to shape the world.

Pupils of the Parisian bilingual schools Globeducate EIB and their families have the opportunity to enjoy fun workshops dedicated to the discovery of cooking and pastry ; and can participate in one-week “cooking camps” from the age of 4 during all school holidays in the Studio de l’Ecole Ducasse Paris, a space of 500 m2 in the heart of the 16e capital district. These camps will allow children and teenagers to discover the basics of Alain Ducasse’s cuisine around savory and sweet recipes, anti-waste, healthy and tasty, which they can taste after preparing them.

Globeducate’s core principles of educational excellence, the development of skills and competence, the formation of character and the development of a global outlook, are the foundation to prepare students for success in the global community. Students develop skills and abilities beyond the purely academic aspect and this partnership underlines this commitment and gives students the opportunity to gain new experiences with this leading gastronomic school.

To also share moments with the family, students are given access to cooking and pastry classes. 4 hands in duet with their parents » all year round on Wednesday afternoons.

The seniors at the end of the secondary cycle within the Globe Educate network who intend to pursue careers in gastronomy of excellence will benefit from privileged access to all the professionalization programs offered within the Ecole campuses -network.

  • Paris Campus in Meudon, which offers bachelor’s degrees in culinary arts and pastry chefs, as well as retraining programs.
  • The National School of Pastry (ENSP), in Yssingeaux, specializes in the training of students in pastry arts.

More generally, both student families and school teams will be able to access these professional programs on favorable terms, as well as amateur cooking and pastry classes offered within Ecole Ducasse Paris Studio.

Our partnership with the education network of excellence Globeducate is part of our desire to promote the gastronomy professions in the world. We want to introduce Globeducate students to our excellent training in the culinary and pastry arts to raise awareness about healthy eating, protecting the planet and participating in the wonderful professions of gastronomy.says Elise Masurel, general manager of Ecole Ducasse.

The partnership with Ecole Ducasse gives Globeducate students from around the world the opportunity to explore the professional opportunities offered by culinary arts education. Starting with cooking, nutrition and menu planning of course, but also gaining a broader understanding of food production businesses, hospitality, and other services related to the culinary and pastry world. I think this visibility is important for our students so that they can choose a future that suits their passions and interests.says Paddy Jansen, COO of Globeducate.

About Ecole Ducasse:

Ecole Ducasse is a network of schools, founded in 1999 by the multi-star chef Alain Ducasse, dedicated to the transmission of a unique French know-how of excellence in cooking and pastry. Ecole Ducasse has three schools in France: Paris Studio, Paris Campus and the National School of Pastry ; and schools internationally in the Philippines, Brazil, Thailand and India. All are united around the desire to share the passion for taste with experienced professionals as well as passionate amateurs, adults in retraining or students. The broad program portfolio is aimed at meeting all training needs: from short programs for experts or amateurs to intensive training of two, four or six months, to the 3-year post-baccalaureate Bachelor in Culinary Arts and Art Pastry. Ecole Ducasse is an institution that is a member of the Sommet Education group, the world leader in management training specializing in the hospitality industry.

About Globeducate:
Globeducate’s excellent education network includes more than 55 international and distance schools located in 10 countries and three continents, welcoming more than 31,000 students. Our mission is to prepare every student to become a global citizen who will build the world of tomorrow.

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