A school to meet the needs of manufacturers (52)

The MetalTech production school will open its doors in Nogent on Wednesday 3 October. Eight students are already enrolled in this system, which is brand new to the area and promotes practice. Explanation with Vanessa Dassonville, the director.

This is a first for the Nogent Basin, but also for the entire Grand Est region. A production school will open its doors in Nogent on Monday 3 October. MetalTech was born to meet different needs, especially those of local companies that need manpower, but also those of young people who need training and orientation. By going back to school there, they will practice a lot with 24 hours of workshops a week.

At the same time, they receive ten hours of theoretical lessons with generic subjects: history, French, English, sports, mathematics and science. All these courses, which are taught on Monday and Tuesday mornings and Wednesday afternoons, are based solely on practice. For example, they study technical vocabulary in Shakespeare’s language or the math needed to read a plan.

For this, the eight registered young people aged 15 to 18 would have to have their own premises, in the former company Eloi, but the work is far from finished. “It will be late January 2023 at best,” estimates Vanessa Dassonville, the director of MetalTech. In the meantime, there is no question of delaying the start of the school year. The theoretical courses will take place in a space lent by the UTT and that of the workshop will take place in an unused industrial hall of the CRITT.

A school with a CAP at the end

When finished, the Eloi building will house all the classrooms, as well as the offices and the refectory, so everything will be gathered in one place. After two years at this school (and eight weeks of internship in the 2nd year), the tuition of which is free, students can pass their CAP Conducteur d’installations de productions (CIP). To train the mechanical professions and in particular that of turner-miller, the youngsters will use real machines, first conventionally and then numerically controlled. Currently, the school has purchased two second-hand lathes, three milling machines, a saw and a grinder. There will also be two CNC milling machines at the beginning of November.

MetalTech is a real opportunity for young people getting started. All minors aged 15 to 18 are looking for an orientation that suits them. Among them (five boys and three girls) some had dropped out of school or started an education (general or professional) that they did not like. They eagerly await the sequel. This production school is not just for training. Just like a real company, it will have to fulfill orders, for whole pieces or parts of pieces, a way to promote students and help companies.

Many companies in the Nogent basin, especially those of Nogentech, have already expressed an interest and the UTT has even positioned itself for sample orders. The customer only needs to send a plan, so that MetalTech can see if it is feasible and matches the objectives. The receipts from these orders finance the school for a third. The remaining 2/3 come from subsidies: Region, Department, City of Nogent, BPI, Total Energy Funds, State with the Ministries of National Education and Labor.

Laura Spaeter


It is still possible to come back to MetalTech and sign up. Information on or at contact@metaltech-edp52.fr

On the road to employment

After obtaining their CAP CIP, the enrolled youngsters will have the opportunity to continue their education with the first year of the Bac pro technician in the production of mechanical products (TRPM), which should then also be opened within the school of production . also exists, with the 2nd year, at the high school Decomble in Chaumont. With nearly 2,000 hours on the machine, young people should be able to easily find a job in the Nogent Basin as they are independent of their job.

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