these students starting their new school year

About twelve million students will find the benches of school, college or secondary school this Thursday. Among them, some children or teenagers will have to go back to school in a brand new facility. A source of anxiety and sometimes impatience, as some parents of no less concerned parents tell

For the past few days, little Farès, 8, has been completely disturbed by the idea of ​​going back to school. “He sleeps badly, he asks a lot of questions, he is stressed like everything else,” his mother, Asmaa Aaliyah, told And rightly so, the boy will return to CM1 on Thursday in a brand new school in Saint-Ouen, in the Paris region.

For the occasion, Asmaa, a teaching assistant by profession, took her morning to accompany her son on this big day. This summer, the young woman had to pick up her 8-year-old son from school because of his behavior at the old establishment. When her son is anxious, she recognizes that she is just as anxious.

‘I’m afraid he will be stigmatized, that things will go wrong’

“It’s not easy, I’m a little scared. He’s completely changed his neighborhood and it’s no longer the school in his area. I’m afraid of questions from other parents,” says the boy’s mother. “I’m afraid he’s being stigmatized, that things aren’t going well anymore.”

However, according to his mother, little Farès is not shy. “It’s more that he is afraid of the looks of other children. There he constantly asks me: will they be nice to me?'” she says. The other novelty of this new school year is that Farès will now have a teacher and the director of his new school will be a man, while until now he has always had to deal with teachers and school principals.

On the positive side, the boy was able to visit the property last July before going on holiday.

“I had insisted that he be able to locate the property, meet the director and speak to him, and that was very reassuring indeed.”

“She’s going to lose all her friends”

The stress is the same for Lina, 10, who is starting her CM2 year at a brand new school. This summer the small family had to leave Nice because their parents had bought a new house in Cagnes-sur-Mer (Alpes-Maritimes). The little girl’s main concern, “is to lose all her friends with whom the divorce was a little difficult,” confides to her real estate agent mother Assia.

“They were a group of about ten, and they had been in the same class for four years. But hey, I know their mothers, we have their numbers so luckily they can make video (call)”, puts the mother into perspective, who recognizes that Lina is afraid of not being able to make new friends at her new school.

“Mais il faut voir le positif”, insiste-t-elle: “elle travaille bien à l’école, elle est sociable, je pense que ça va bien se passer… Et puis le nouvel établissement se trouve juste en face de the House!”

Other children and teens are calmer at the idea of ​​switching schools. “It’s true that they ask themselves a lot of questions like ‘what class do I fall in?’, ‘who do I end up with?'”, recognizes Julie Bourner, mother of three who lives in Paris.

“There’s always that little fear of the unknown, a kind of apprehension, but it’s more impatience and curiosity.”

‘The days after the start of the school year are the hardest’

In the coming days, however, this IT project manager at SNCF will try to spend more time than usual with her children after work. And rightly so, this return to school is a bit special, as his three children are all switching schools. Thomas, 6, attends CP in a brand new primary school in the capital’s 14th arrondissement, as does Alice, 11, who is about to discover a new school.

“They had been in public until then, but we decided to put them in the private sector because we had a bad experience managing the Covid crisis in their old establishments,” explains the family’s mother.

Julie Bourner is therefore relatively quiet as the start of the new school year approaches in three new locations. “I think they are having a good time because we explained the process to them, so I think they were well prepared. They heard us talk about it for a long time. The schoolgirl was a bit dubious, but she has a friend who is in the same establishment like her, so she clings to the one she knows,” she explains.

However, as the big day approaches, there are still some minor signs of concern in her children.

“Tuesday Alice (the schoolgirl) took my phone to send a message to this comrade’s mother, asking her how she planned to dress, what time she would be for school on Thursday, and if she was her mother, we see that she has a lot of questions running through her head,” says the mother.

“I know from experience that it is always the hardest days after the start of the school year, the time to take a bath. I know in advance, especially this year, that we will have to take time to listen as they coming home at night, reassuring them, giving them the keys to get organized… get them up and running. And this year maybe even more than usual, because they’re bound to put a little pressure on yourself,” she said. up.

However, the young woman reassures herself by telling herself that her three children will be in the same situation, and she hopes they will take the opportunity to support each other.

Jeanne Bulant BFMTV journalist

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