The 6 Women You Must Follow in the New World of NFT

Entrepreneurs, artists, activists: they show us the way forward to a more engaged and egalitarian Web3.

Yam Karkai, founder of World of Women

Empowerment through art. This pioneering artist co-founded World of Women (WoW) in 2021, a community that doubles as a platform that brings together more than 10,000 NFT works by women. Be the largest virtual art collection in the world to date! Focusing on women’s empowerment, Yam Karkai celebrates “representation, inclusiveness and equal opportunity for all”. Through WoW, Reese Witherspoon bought her first NFT, which she immediately shot in her profile picture.

The second World of Women NFT portrait sale is expected to take place before the end of the year. WORLD OF WOMAN

Its impact: the partnership with Reese Witherspoon didn’t stop there since the actress’s production company, Hello Sunshine, teamed up with WoW to turn the platform’s portraits into characters for series and movies. “While cryptos and NFTs are still largely male-dominated, there are inspiring leaders like World of Women who are creating incredible communities for women in this major shift for media and technology.”

Inna Modja, Head of Code Green

NFTs serving the planet. This French-Malian has more than one string on her bow. After modeling, she showcased her talents as a singer and songwriter through three successful albums, while actively campaigning for the climate and women’s rights. In 2019 she made the documentary The Great Green Wall about the fight against the advance of the desert in the Sahel, in Africa. She then founded Code Green, a platform that connects artists, programmers and contributors who want to take action for the planet.

Code Green multiplies collaboration with NFT actors to raise their awareness of protecting the Earth. KRISTY SPAROW/ AFP

Its impact: Code Green organizes NFT auctions with the aim of financing ecological projects. But the collective also acts as an advisor to NFT artists and platforms on how to “give back to the planet”. Last International Women’s Day, Code Green teamed up with Vinci and World of Women to host the first NFT art exhibition by 22 artists, seen at more than 20 airports around the world. Inna Modja has also been named UN Ambassador for her efforts.

Lisa Mayer, founder of Boss Beauties

Generation Z. An NFT platform “designed by girls, for girls”, that’s what Lisa Mayer wanted to create when she launched Boss Beauties. For her first collection of 10,000 NFTs, this very prominent entrepreneur called on artists of the new generation (the “GenZ”) to create portraits of women they would like to “be or see exist in the world”. Produced in eight weeks, the series sold out within an hour and became the first NFT collection to be showcased on Wall Street, the New York Stock Exchange… Quite a symbol! Boss Beauties subsequently made a name for itself by partnering with leading brands such as Barbie, Hugo Boss and Neiman Marcus.

Its impact: Lisa Mayer has also established a foundation with the goal of providing mentoring programs and internship offers for young girls, as well as funding college scholarships for female students.

In video, women in digital: the key figures

Stacey Yael, founder of Visible Women

The promise of gender equality. This American became a true figure of women’s empowerment when she launched Visible Women, a community that aims to promote gender equality in NFT. It creates personalized portraits for its members, publishes a feminist newsletter with news on the subject and aims to integrate 100,000 women into the promising NFT sector. “It is clear that the virtual world overlaps the real world and that women are not sufficiently represented. Today we have the ability to generate parity in NFTs and influence the real world. Inspired by Gloria Steinem (great icon of the American feminist movement, editor’s note), Visible Women’s guideline is that women should have a place at the NFT table.

Stacey Yael is a staunch feminist and tries to facilitate women’s access to the world of Web 3.0. Screenshot Instagram/@stacey_yael

Its impact: Last June, Visible Women hosted their first NFT meeting in New York City with the CryptoMondays Group, in a brand new space dedicated to cryptos on the Lower East Side, EmpireDAO.

Maliha Abidi, Head of Women Rise

Diversity 3.0. At just 26 years old, she is one of the leading figures of diversity in NFT. Born in Karachi, who arrived in California at the age of 14, this American-Pakistani woman says she suffered from not having an example of a woman like her. “I found there was a distinct lack of representation, especially from the part of the world I come from,” she said. Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, she is releasing her first book, Pakistan for womenillustrated by him. The success allows him to publish a second work, to get upabout 100 iconic women, as well as to launch Women Rise, a collection of 10,000 unique NFT portraits of women, celebrating diversity in all its forms.

The artist’s third book, released this summer, is devoted to “inspiring immigrants” in the United States. Syed Askari

Its impact: at each sale stage, it donates a portion of its profits to associations that promote gender equality and access to education. The long-term goal: to build a school dedicated to the metaverse to “leave no girl behind” and educate the 258 million out-of-school children in these technologies. She also founded The Story of Mental Health, an organization dedicated to the mental health of women in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Emily Yang, artist

the influencer. Better known by her pseudonym Pplpleasr (“people pleaser”, literally and ironically “the one who makes others happy”, referring to the personality she has long been), Emily Yang became an NFT artist by accident, but is now one of the biggest names today. After losing her job as a digital artist at Apple during the pandemic, she starts creating virtual NFT animations to earn some money… and soon gets noticed. Notably, she was ranked in .’s famous “30 under 30” list Forbesproduced an NFT for the cover of fashion Taiwan and another for the cover of the magazine Fortune.

Serendipity, a 30-second video created by Pplpleasr featuring DJ and producer Steve Aoki, was put up for sale by Sotheby’s in the fall of 2021. Steve Aoki x pplpleasr-Serendipity.Sothebys

Its impact: his most famous NFT work, created for the Uniswap platform, raised a whopping $525,000, and this money was used to start the Stand with Asians community, which aims to promote Asian creators. More recently, in partnership with Skillshare, she launched an online training course to teach artists how to build their own NFTs and try to earn a living from digital artworks.

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