SBC, the 1st Junior Agency in Europe specialized in sports matters

Hi Cécile and Axel, can you introduce yourselves?

Cecile: Hi, I’m Cécile the co-president of SBC in charge of the SBChallenge. I am currently in Master’s degree from EDHEC (Business Administration course) after two years of ECE preparation in Paris and a first year at EDHEC.

axel: Hi, my name is Axel and I am co-chair of SBC, responsible for the association’s Junior Agency. I’m following the same path as Cécile at EDHEC and I’ve done my preparation ECS at Lycée du Parc in Lyon.

Describe Sports Business Consulting, the first junior company in Europe specializing in sports?

against : SBC is the first junior agency in Europe specialized in the sports world. Throughout the year, the various divisions carry out assignments for sports companies. With the money collected we organize events: the Sports Business Challenge and for the first time a mutual karting relay.

HAS : U.S purpose is twofold: : offer our services to entities in the sports world (federations, clubs, professional athletes, companies, start-ups, etc.) and bring students closer to the sports sector.

What has been the strongest moment for you since the beginning of SBC?

against : The final of the Sports Business Challenge was the realization of the work we have done all year. It was a special moment because the last edition was the first to take place in the building of the FFF (due to hygienic circumstances) but also because all members of the association were present, without forgetting the sports personalities. we could meet (Estelle Mosely, Jacques-Henry Heraud…)!

What actions do you carry out throughout the year?

HAS : We are currently working on several missions:

– We realize BSSA website (the group of sports departments of business schools) where students can find all information about sports competitions between business schools (results, date, rules, places, etc.)

– We we are looking for partners for a sports association from a business school other than ours so that it can fund its activities: not all student associations have a recruitment center, this association has decided to call on our expertise in the field.

– We are too Cryobain Development Managersa cryotherapy company that is already a partner of PSG or Chelsea, through multiple surveys: satisfaction, pricing, competition, market, etc.

This year, our new event will also take up a lot of our time and demand a great commitment from all members.

Tell us about your Sports Business Challenge? What’s new for this 2023 edition?

against : the Sports Business Challenge is the emblematic event of SBC that we organize every year. It is a sports innovation competition focused on a problem to reflect on the main problems of the sports world and organized with the support of the French Football Federation. This edition is special because it contains the 10 . markse year of the SBChallenge: we are preparing many new features that you will discover during the year.

What do you learn within your association?

against : SBC is a in particular professional association because our different centers cooperate with companies from the sports world throughout the year and we organize events in parallel, which gives us a very complete associative experience.

A: The Sponge Department, which approaches partners, teaches partner prospecting and management techniques. Through its missions, the study center teaches the basics of the consulting environment. The Event division manages the organization of our events: between recruitment services, speaker recruitment and schedules. Finally, the Com and Créa poles manage the association’s communication and visual identity and also provide services to companies.

What are your plans for the coming months?

against : This year we are organizing the 10e edition of the Sports Business Challenge. The sporting context of the coming years will make the work on the issue even more interesting (especially with the major international sporting events coming up). In the coming weeks, members of SBC will participate in the SBTour to meet students in schools in France and promote the SBChallenge.

In addition to the SBChallenge, we are organizing a brand new event: an inter-association karting relay race for EDHEC students.

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Why isn’t SBC just a traditional Junior Enterprise?

HAS : SBC is a Junior desk and no Junior Enterprise, this means that the members of the association are not paid for their work. Indeed, all the money obtained through the missions is donated to the association. In concrete terms, the money will be used to organize the events of the association, the SBChallenge and the karting relay for this year. We also have the particularity of working only with entities from the sports world.

How are the recruitment processes going within SBC? Which profiles do you want to recruit?

against : As with all EDHEC associations, in the early years we participate in and organize various events so that they can meet us and get to know the association and its atmosphere a little better. after 1er recruitment round, we continue the interviews by asking the students to do preparatory work according to each pool they present. Early Octoberwe meet to select 25 new SBC members.

HAS: We are mainly looking for people who are motivated by SBC and its projects, but the association also has to agree with them: we all get along very well and want to maintain this good relationship and SBC’s own atmosphere.

Is having experience within SBC a real asset to the professional world and the sports world?

against : Being a member of SBC is of course a first experience in the world of sports, a fairly closed sector. In addition to meet many sports personalities and people who work in this environment, we can benefit from the SBC alumni network, which already has many members in the sports world (Paris 2024, Adidas, Sportfive, etc.). The missions and events that we carry out throughout the year enable us to put what we learn into practice and take action.

What are your responsibilities as co-chair of an association, what do you get out of it?

against : As co-chairs, we work hand in hand at SBC, but our missions are still very different. I take care of the entire organization of the SBChallenge and manage the relationships with partners and the administration of EDHEC. It is a very enriching experience because we take on a lot of responsibilities.

HAS : As head of the JA, I oversee all missions that the association carries out and I take care of the relationships with our customers. I’m trying to make sure the whole process runs smoothly and I’m working with the division managers in that direction. It is a lot of responsibility and it requires management skills that are not necessarily taught in the classroom, but it is very formative.

Is it difficult to manage such a position parallel to courses at EDHEC BS?

against : With a good organization, it is possible to combine courses at EDHEC and work in associations. We also have the advantage at SBC that we are two chairmen, so we can choose between the different tasks, even divide the work and help each other in a busier period.

HAS : As chairman, it requires a great deal of commitment and above all good organization to have a real balance between association work and personal work, but it can be done. The association does not require much work from all its members, the fact that she is 50 allows the load to be shared and everyone does not feel overworked.

The last word?

HAS : Thanks for reading our interview, I hope you now have a clear picture of what we do at SBC. And a little ad before the end: we also work with student sports associations so if an association in your school needs our services, don’t hesitate to tell them about us!

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