O’clock school: 5 developer education prejudices that have run out of room

“It’s expensive”, “it’s long”, “follow-up is erratic”, many are the clichés about online training. The O’clock school successfully puts an end to it thanks to its web development learning method.

Back to school is here and you are considering a professional retraining? Your hopes could soon be dashed by the many misconceptions about distance learning.

That said, by 2022 these assumptions will no longer exist. Especially when organizations like O’clock provide very guided, extensive and accessible lessons. Courses that only take a few months to acquire real web development skills. So it’s high time to put an end to stubborn clichés.

Myth #1: “It’s so long, a workout”

The world of web development is huge and there are many specialties. As a result, anxiety can become a long workout, spread over several years. O’clock is well aware of this and offers tailor-made training courses.

The duration of the training varies from 3 to 16 months, in particular according to their objective (training or retraining). In addition to the general training and the specialization modules, O’clock also offers a work-study trajectory. The ideal way to learn while gaining a foothold in business and earning income.

A real online school // Source: O’clock

If you’re just starting out, consider a 6-month training course to learn the most common languages ​​and platforms. We are thinking in particular of HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript, which are widely used on the web. This semester training concludes with a specialization in Symfony or React. A specialization with which you can already distinguish yourself from your colleagues.

Specifically, the 6-month training in the web developer course looks like this:

  • 476 hours to acquire the base;
  • 168 hours of specialization;
  • 154 hours of practical work on concrete projects.

Idea No. 2: “No need for a teacher if you can train yourself”

Between the many video tutorials, the plethora of MOOCs and the countless specialized sites, there is a great temptation to train alone. It is still necessary to show rigor and unfailing motivation. And are you sure of finding an answer to your question or a solution to your problem at the slightest difficulty?

Fortunately, there are simpler solutions for training, such as relying on competent teachers. The O’clock teams are made up of former web developers who love to teach. Men and women who rely on their experience and knowledge to teach you the basics of the trade and inform you about current industry trends.

Hour (4)
Former web developers as teachers // Source: O’clock

An undeniable advantage when you know that a good education in web development requires not only several months of teaching, but also a lot of practice. It is therefore essential to benefit from a serious follow-up from a trainer who has mastered his craft, both theoretically and practically.

Idea #3: “Price tracking is erratic”

Instead of sending you .zip files cluttered with hard-to-digest documents, O’clock has created a veritable online school. The lessons are given remotely, at fixed times (9:00 am and 3:00 pm), in the presence of a trainer and a group of students. Like during your student days.

Plus, you don’t have to go through Google Meet or Zoom. O’clock has designed its own broadcasting platform. An interface that has the advantage of being easy to use. O’clock is also working to make education accessible to as many people as possible. That is why the school has set up specific and inclusive training courses that educate students in web development and accessibility. A training whose courses, if the class is suitable, can be subtitled in real time. If necessary, even a sign language interpreter can accompany the trainer.

A suitable working environment is important. With this in mind, O’clock gives you access to a virtual office to take advantage of a space 100% dedicated to your training on your PC. What a separation between private life and learning. And if you missed a class, replays of previous classes can be viewed at your leisure.

Hour (1)
A user-friendly platform // Source: O’clock

Just like in a real class, students can speak at any time, ask questions via chat or ask the teacher for help. Each virtual classroom course ends with exercises such as theory quizzes and practical activities (game design, projects or websites). A strategy that allows you to validate your knowledge and promote collaboration between students.

Idea No. 4: “What’s the point of training if it’s not going anywhere?” »

Chaining hours and hours of training for several months to become unemployed: this can discourage more than one and more than one. After all, once the education is in your pocket, there is no guarantee that you will have a job right away.

That’s why O’clock organizes workshops dedicated to improving your resume or improving your LinkedIn page. The school will help you master the job search tools, advise you on creating your resume and even put you in touch with a network of partner companies. Finally, you will receive advice on how to properly manage your job interviews, as well as the negotiation of the contract (and the salary that comes with it).

Idea No. 5: “Education is very expensive”

One of the obstacles to starting an education is the cost. This is even higher if the course is long. To cover the cost, O’clock has a dedicated team to help you find financing. Indeed, at the end of the training, O’clock grants a professional title of level 5, which corresponds to a baccalaureate +2 and which opens certain doors.

Hour (5)
Training equivalent to a Bac+2 // Source: O’clock

A professional title that makes it possible to claim various financial aids, such as the CPF, the Agefiph or the AIF. So you can take advantage of the full or partial funding of your education, like the 75% of O’clock students.

For more information about O’clock, visit the school’s official website. We also recommend checking out their YouTube channel, where you’ll find graduation projects, team presentation videos, and even FAQs.

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