Landerneau. The Ferdinand-Buisson School educates its students about disabilities

“This is a first for us and for the school, led by Christine Maony, who is very involved in the project”, confides Fanny Wecke, education coordinator of the education unit of the medical-educational institute (IEM-IME) of Kerdelune, in Landerneau (Finistère).

In the city, the Ferdinand-Buisson School has been running an outsourced teaching unit (UEE) class in Kerdelune for several years now. During the week she gave many workshops, as well as exchanges on disability.

“There was a need for students, teachers and extracurricular staff. In this new school year, we also wanted to inform the young CP students who arrive at the school about this unit”, explains Fanny Wecke. During this school year, fifteen students of the IEM-IME, accompanied by a specialized teacher and educators, will attend the class.

Promoting inclusion within the school

Setting up an awareness week had “aims to promote the inclusion of students within the school, by raising awareness of disability among all those involved in the institution, says the pedagogical coordinator. But it is also a way to promote inclusion within the families of all students. »

During these days, presentations and workshops led by Kerdelune professionals were offered to students from CP to CM2. From Monday, September 19, 2022, Marie Kerdraon, psychologist, and Laura Le Gall, nurse, intervened in classes CE1, CM1, and CM2 to discuss and “to answer the questions that the children do not dare to ask their teacher”.

Disability related workshops

On Tuesday, September 20, activities were offered during the meridian break: a children’s song workshop with massages and an adapted sport around boules.

There was also a workshop with Éva Le Bras, occupational therapist at IME, to try out electric and manual wheelchairs. A workshop on sight, recognizing an object without seeing it, or discovering smells was also offered.

From 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm, two classes from CM1-CM2 watched a film about accessibility, made by young people from the IME. Subsequently, a communication workshop on pictograms and signs was offered to CPs. Mathilde Raffray, the specialist teacher of the UEE class, provided a nursery rhyme in sign language.

See what students with disabilities do outside of school

On Thursday September 22, CE1 students visited the IEM. “The chance for them to discover the balneotherapy, the taste and wood workshop, the gymnasium, the physiotherapist and the canteen”, describes Fanny Wecke. In the early afternoon: visit to the garden and the course of psychomotor skills.

The afternoon ended with a shared snack: “It is important that children know what students with disabilities do outside of school. These children are wanted, they wonder and often see the institution as a hospital. » This visit will become a tradition, “so that all grades come here”.

On Friday, September 23, Marie Gabrielle Le Bot, neuropsychologist, will intervene with Pauline Direur and Cindy Laurent, educators at the IEM, with the staff.

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