How are NFTs changing horse racing?

Even with a generally dying cryptocurrency market, this year’s 2022 big winners are indeed NFTs, in other words the non-fungible tokens that few people would have heard of before 2021. It is a form of exchange based on the blockchain that excites millions of people today.

You are probably wondering about the correlation between horse racing, a land sport par excellence, and the tokens exchanged in the virtual world. The tokenization of goods, ie the purchase of virtual certificates, increases the possibilities of commerce, but also of the thriving field of gambling. As it turns out, even the horse racing betting industry is changing with new ways to bet, and even own horses.

Whether racing on dry land or in the hippodromes of the Metavers, the most beautiful conquest of man makes us dream and can pay big dividends on the web. This article aims to update you on the most daring and most followed projects currently successful in the NFT sphere.

NFT: a little reminder

Imagine walking into an antique shop and coming out with a master painting: you get a certificate of authenticity proving you own an original work.

NFTs are the equivalent of a certificate of authenticity, but in the virtual. Some people now own yachts and buildings on virtual sites. Why not own a horse while we’re at it?

NFT Zed Run: here the virtual horses

One of the craziest and most popular projects in horse racing NFTs, the Zed Run game allows you to buy a virtual horse so that it can participate in races. Since the launch of the project, the site has hosted several million races on which millions of players have bet: you can already imagine the financial windfall of such an organization and since you are not dreaming, know that a virtual horse owner has sold his stallion for about € 100,000 on the OpenSea platform, the largest NFT marketplace in the world!

How do you choose the rare pearl that will surely win the races? You will have to pay the price as all the horses purchased are highly personalized and the prices can go up to 100 ETH, which is currently equivalent to 160,000 Euros.

The NFT Zed Run site is above all a very community based platform, with players combining two different but perfectly complementary passions. You can bet on a horse every now and then to hope for a quick win, or you can offer yourself a horse to hope to win many races. And all this, without even having to go to the track.

Maxima: the revolution in real horse racing betting

The site is an NFT project yet to be realized, but it is already causing a lot of buzz in the world of horse racing gamers and in Discord chat communities. Here the link is made between the real and the virtual. The idea is to take partial or full ownership of one or more racehorses and watch them train from year to year in hopes of becoming champions and generating passive income.

There are already other sites where you can own a real horse in NFT, but Maxima pushes the concept even further by offering to follow your stallion or thoroughbred from birth. The Maxima Horse site has its own payment system and you can pay in Ethereum, the second cryptocurrency on the market.

Investing in NFTs: some advice

Non-functioning tokens have been around for a few years, but since Mark Zuckerberg mentioned the metaverse in 2021, the machine has clearly exploded as NFT projects brew millions of dollars.

However, these NFT projects are destined to die quickly on the web or even become a scam. In the virtual equestrian world, you should also be wary of scams and only visit safe sites like Zed Fun. Finally and the OpenSea NFT platform, never invest more money than you can afford.

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