An airline issues airline tickets in the form of NFTs

The usefulness of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is often questioned by some opponents, as they see only one form in them hidden scam, totally useless. Yet there is news that proves otherwise – and that? real world applications are indeed possible. Basically an airline cheap based in Argentina ad the upcoming issuance of airline tickets in the form of NFTs. These will provide benefits to their holders.

The information is shared on the company’s official website, flybondi. We learn that it plans to adopt blockchain and NFT technology in its day-to-day operations. According to her it is a matter of bringing more flexibility and from options for customers.

NFT Tokens

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“This industry innovation will give travelers more flexibility to anticipate their travel plans by accessing better fares without the risks associated with buying tickets far in advance. »

Press release from the low-cost airline Flybondi.

Note that Flybondi is not the first to do this (but it is the second!). After all, new technologies always penetrate the economic models of companies a little more. And with the same theme, the company Air Europa recently launched the very first airline tickets – in the world – in the form of NFTs on Algoraland.

Tickets in the form of NFTs?

Like Air Europa, Flybondi can develop this technology thanks to the company’s support TravelX. For the record, the latter has developed and offered a blockchain-based distribution protocol for the travel industry. The choice of the Argentine company to continue this adventure was therefore quite consistent.

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If at this point you are still wondering what the real point of this ad is, it lies in the benefits it offers to customers. Indeed, by purchasing an “NFT ticket”, each individual has – for example – the possibility to sell or transfer the tokens to other travelers up to three days before the relevant flight. That’s quite remarkable when you consider the practical difficulties currently encountered with such a request (depending on the company, of course).

In addition, TravelX and Flybondi worked on the integration of cryptocurrency payments, especially for this type of ticket. And the result is convincing, because it will be possible to buy through Binance Pay. However, only the stable coins (USDC) are provisionally accepted. But the range of available cryptocurrencies should evolve quickly. Always with the aim of bringing “more possibilities for customers”.

“The travel industry and the world of the new Web3 are coming together to provide travelers with a much more flexible experience, while generating new revenue streams and significantly lowering airline transaction costs. »

TravelX Company Statement.

Flybondi is proud to be a pioneer in the field. She thinks many companies will follow her in the near future. We do what we hope for.

NFT Tokens

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