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(From left to right) Dr. Anastasia Cozarenco, director of the Yunus Center at MBS and co-holder of the chair of Social and Sustainable Finance; Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 and founder of the Yunus Center in Dhaka (Bangladesh); dr. David Roubaud, research professor in finance, microeconomics, cryptocurrencies and big data. Photo Credit: MBS Foundation – Committed to Making a Difference

Opening the mind of the younger generation

Professor Yunus defines the ” social work » as a company whose economic model is sustainable, not intended to pay dividends and with the aim of contributing to solving the major challenges of our society: poverty, unemployment, environment, health, etc. Microfinance institution Grameen Bank is the best-known example of such an undertaking. The creation of Yunus Center for Social Affairs and Financial Inclusion at Montpellier Business School in the words of Professor Yunus” is a great opportunity to continue to open the minds of the younger generation to the realities of the world and prepare them to find creative ways to solve the planet’s growing problems. »

A Yunus Center at Montpellier Business School to solve the great challenges of our society

Why a Yunus Center at Montpellier Business School?

This center is an academic center with the double objective: educate and educate students until ” social work » through specialized courses, diploma courses, internships, social impact projects and develop research and disseminate new knowledge on this topic.

This dual objective is achieved through the center’s various activities, such as:

  1. The development of Search in the field of social business
  2. the spread of classes and specializations in microfinance, social entrepreneurship, social innovation, management of companies in the social and solidarity-based economy, sustainable finance, in particular through the establishment of a Master of Science “Sustainable and Inclusive Finance”the creation of a specialization “Entrepreneurship and management in social and solidarity-based enterprises” for students in 3e year of the Grande Ecole program
  3. Promotion of internshipsfrom apprenticeships or professional experience within social enterprises in France and abroad
  4. Coaching people who have their social workespecially MBS students, but also people who want to set up their own company and get out of the uncertainty.

These activities include collaboration with associations and with local, regional, national and international companies to create an ecosystem that brings together promoters of social and solidarity economy projects within the school. These activities will give rise to the organization of events such as: workshops or so conferences on topics related to Social Business (microfinance, social entrepreneurship, social and solidarity economy, environment, corporate social responsibility, etc.)

Concrete results

In concrete terms, in the context of the Yunus Center, this meant the continuation of the SERIOUS project, fruit of a collaboration between six European universities and aimed at cultivating the mindset and skills of social entrepreneurship, to encourage active citizenship and social entrepreneurship. Ten MBS students selected to participate in this project had the opportunity to meet students selected by other European universities during a Summer School in Dublin in September 2021 and during the Winter School hosted at MBS in April 2022 organized.

A Social Business Award Also, at the beginning of the next academic year, a grant of 10,000 euros will be launched that will reward an organizational solution for a Social Business project proposed by the students.

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