The teacher and principal of the Thaumiers school under a precautionary measure

For a few days now, in an intermunicipal tutorial group with Chalivoy-Milon, Verneuil and Le Pondy, in Boischaut, the students of the CE1/CE2 class of the Thaumiers school have a new mistress. Parents of students have complained about methods they find inappropriate on the part of the teacher in charge of this class, including the principal of the school. National education services decided late last week to issue a precautionary measure, effective Monday, September 19, for a duration limited to four months.

“This is not a disciplinary measure.

“This is not a disciplinary measure, emphasizes Pierre-Alain Numérique, academic director of the National Education Services (Dasen) of Cher. The teacher will not be for the students for a few weeks, the time that we can examine and understand exactly what is there “We have taken note of it for the time being. Nothing has been proven. We are very attentive to the situation and the staff, with respect for everyone and all parties.”

Different versions

The National Education Services were alerted early last week by the mayor of Thaumiers, François Vincent, who said that he had “about fifteen families, for about twenty children in this class, complaining about inappropriate behaviour” on the teacher’s part. According to the elected official, “bullying” was denounced by the parents, which the teacher is fighting. One fact seems to stand out and sets the gunpowder on fire. An 8-year-old child was held by the feet, head upside down, in a context yet to be understood. Some speak of a gesture in response to “an error in a notebook”, others evoke “a game”, “a demonstration performed as part of an explanation of a sporting exercise”. The mother of the boy in question filed a complaint with the gendarmerie on Saturday morning. She arrived at the parquet floor of Bourges at the beginning of the week. An investigation is underway.

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On Friday, while the school principal took up his post, he was blocked by elected city officials who closed the school gates. The gendarmes were called. The director eventually left the scene, without incident.

Presumed innocent, the teacher, with whom we have had telephone contact but who indicates that he cannot speak because of his position, is fighting all the facts of which he is accused.

A complaint had already been lodged in May 2021 for mistreatment of a minor and rejected by the Bourges public prosecutor’s office in February 2022. “We accompanied this teacher and everything was back to normal,” says Pierre-Alain Cipher. that had encountered “no worries” last year.

On Monday evening, at the end of school, parents’ opinions differed. Some said they had no problem with this teacher, while others said their children went to school crying. A mother also said she withdrew her child from Thaumiers school.

Marion Lapeyre

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