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After the meeting between the mayor of Cahors, Jean-Marc Vayssouze, and the deputies of the pupils’ parents this Friday (read the article here), the file of the Pierre Ségala school was hit by bad weather (the roof was covered , CM1 and CM2 have lessons with Jean Calvet to Toussaint) was on the menu of the school council on Monday 19 September. In consultation with the teaching teams, it was decided that the children would return to classes after the All Saints’ Holiday after the lowered ceilings had been taken over.

During the city council on September 20, three parents of students were in the audience with “I love Segala” signs as Elsa Bougeard, opposition councilor Cap à Gauche, read the letter from the collective Pierre Segala (read below). The first magistrate replied and returned to the schedule: “There was an exceptional climatic event that affected the roof. We had to respond as quickly as possible. It was important to take stock of the services. I then met the principal, the teachers and the parents’ representatives. We planned to do the work in 2023. They were planned. We have not been idle on the roofs: the school of Bégoux, the social center of Sainte-Valérie, the crèche of Polissons… the only chance is the summer, two months when the schools are free from all occupation. It remains to manage the transition period. There were 3 options and during Monday’s school council it was jointly decided to return CM1 and CM2 to the classroom, with maximum safety. A roofer intervenes and external expertise is also scheduled. To meet the challenge of climate change, future work will integrate photovoltaic panels on part of the roof to ensure energy production. »

> The letter from the Pierre Ségala collective: “For 15 days, parents of students of the Pierre Ségala school have been organizing themselves to obtain information, proposals and commitments after the closure of the school due to bad weather and the reopening as a precaution. This period was for parents a time of misunderstanding, anger and worry. The significant damage, the situation of the staff, the interruption of education and the resumption in other places for certain classes were surrounded by a lack of communication from the town hall. This period is also complicated for the children to get through, some are still worried, others had to express themselves during the various actions and of course the CM1-CM2 students want to return to their school as soon as possible. Due to the bad weather in 2021, a tarpaulin has been installed on the building as a precaution. The works announced in the press in the summer of 2022 have not been carried out. The state of deterioration of the buildings has been reported for 10 years, without sufficient renovation work being carried out on the roof or joinery. We wonder about the effectiveness of the precautions taken in the summer of 2021 to protect our children and accompanying staff. The municipality has a limited budget, the parents are aware of it, but the anger is palpable when the school in our neighborhood is neglected while other very important investments have been made in recent years. Anger and concern are felt when two events could have caused a serious accident to a student or staff member. The collective organization has enabled many parents to come together to constructively emerge from this crisis with commitments compatible with the safety and well-being of students and staff. They challenged you about the situation in a September 13 letter signed by 125 parents. Building maintenance and repairs are your responsibility. You made proposals during your meeting with the parent-student representatives, studied during the extraordinary school council, we hope that these arrangements will be confirmed to us tonight, pending a more precise schedule. Elected officials are indeed asking us to trust them, apart from the years of neglect of this school and the unfulfilled commitments from 2021 to date lead to a sense of mistrust. Trust will be earned through the actions taken and the fulfillment of commitments. As for the return of CM1 and CM2 pupils, it has been proposed to return at the beginning of the All Saints’ Holiday after the false ceilings have been repaired. We want this to be confirmed. We also want the teams to receive logistical assistance from the town hall to help them transport equipment and property from the Jean Calvet school to the Pierre Ségala school. It was announced that the tarpaulin would be secured to withstand the rains and periods of violent winds. Can you confirm? You have proposed to carry out the renovation of the roof in 2023. Do you confirm this timetable? The parents repeat their request to have the carpentry changed as soon as possible. They have a weakness for safety and are a source of thermal discomfort. We also ask that an independent expert report be prepared as soon as possible to confirm that it is in its current form (construction, joinery, tarpaulins) the public is welcomed in complete safety, even in exceptional weather conditions. We would like to pass on the results of this expertise to us. Childcare safety cannot only be assumed, in the interest of everyone, that of families, staff, but also yours. Finally, you propose a consultation to renovate the schoolyard. This is indeed an important thing to do but the parents are asking for a complete renovation of this school, nursery and primary school. We thank you for your attention, count on the maximum commitment of the municipality and fast work for the students of the Pierre Ségala school , our children will soon have an environment conducive to a satisfactory education. »

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