Recruit with a different accent to overcome the shortage of candidates

Employers continue to struggle with recruiting staff. Accent therefore proposes a new formula to get around the obstacle and erase the prejudice: to enter into semi-blindness.

Recruit with an open mind… It is, in its English version (“open-minded hiring”)the formula chosen by the recruitment group accent to define it new way to select and propose candidates to employers. The purpose is twofold, it is both reduce this feeling of scarcity today in the labor market and erase stereotypes and prejudices that too often prevent employer and potential employee from meeting.

“We developed the concept by taking inspiration from two pre-existing models: ‘open recruitment’ and ‘blind recruitment’.”

“We developed the concept inspired by two pre-existing models, To explain Anouk Lagae, CEO of Accent: the “open recruitment”, which consists in recruiting without looking at the candidate’s CV, and the “blind recruitment”, where it is not seen at any time. As we select for the most part people with degrees and skillswe couldn’t be satisfied with open recruitment.”

Diversity and Inclusion

In the new system, the employer meets the candidates without knowing their personal details first (this is the “anonymous resume” formula). And ideally it lasts office appointment with the three or four candidates pre-selected by Accent, still without access to their individual data – it’s the “open agenda” formula the agency sees as essential. In addition to solving the talent war, this model should also promote: diversity and inclusion.

“In concrete terms, they no longer see the name, age, place of residence and identity of the candidate’s school or university before the appointment.”

accent spear the program today with ten companies have agreed to test the “open calendar” version. And if the exercise proves to be sufficient, the agency will apply the “anonymous CV” formula to all its clients from January! “Specifically, they won’t see it” plus school name, age, location and identity or the candidate’s university before appointment,” the CEO sums up. “Any criteria that may be the subject of bias or unconscious judgments.” Most current employers will no doubt opt ​​for the “open agenda” Interviews.

And what if some customers refuse to play the game next year? How will the group respond to the 300 agencies? “These customers would limit themselves,” replies Anouk Lagae. We invite everyone to evolve and hope that they will all see the added value instead of the limitations.”

That being said, the first reactions from the market are definitely positive. Accent had launched a call through social networks to find companies willing to serve as testbeds: 98 of them volunteered. It was necessary to choose ten of them – by mixing the sample by varying the size and regions.

Employers like to wipe the plasters

The community jema, in Louvain-la-Neuve, is part of the lot. “We are continuously looking for new employees, because we are growing strongly, but it is becoming more and more complicated to find the right candidates, underlines the general manager. Nicholas Bronchart. Our activity is high technology, we develop tailor-made power systems for very specific areas such as particle accelerators (IBA). In reality, we never find the profiles we want. We have already changed our approach: we mainly hire young people who have just graduated from high school or professionally, who we then train internally.”

“In reality, we never find the profiles we want.”

Nicolas Bronchart

Director, Jema

It is also this realization of the need to change the system that pushed to join the new experience. “Accent will do a lot of work upfront to find candidates that are close to our needs. I trust and hope to have an open mind as well.” His company has gone from 30 to 45 jobs in the past three years and is aiming for 60 by 2024.

Another member of the group of ten “game changers” chosen by Accent, Henrion Gardens (Ohain) designs and maintains gardens and greenery: about 30 people work there and are also regularly hired. “It has become almost a daily task to find the people who meet both our needs and those of the customers and who will stay in the company for the long term,” notes there. Melisande Richalde, his business developer. “It takes courage to work” outdoors always. And we want them to share too our passion for this job.” Mélisande Richalde says she is enthusiastic about the experience and willing to receive candidates on an open agenda, but also “curious to see how it will go in practice”.

The summary

  • Recruit an open thought (“open-minded recruiting”) is the new formula defined by Accent to select candidates and present them to employers.
  • The goal is twofold:it is both about reducing this impression of scarcity that prevails in the labor market and about erasing the stereotypes that prevent employers and potential employees from meeting each other.
  • ten companies agreed to test the procedure in the fall; if successful, it will be rolled out by Accent in 2023.

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