BNB and Google Cloud: A Mega Beehive to Propel Web3?

Will honey attract bees? – In a desire to augment and firmly anchor its blockchain, BNB is co-developing technologies and partnerships. After the announcement of layer 2 zk-RollupBNB Chain announces a collaboration with Google Cloud. BNB and Google are therefore working hand in hand to drive the growth of Web 3 and Blockchain projects.

Google Cloud Serving Binance’s Blockchain

BNB and Google Cloud team up to provide an infrastructure base for developers. This infrastructure includes cloud computing credits and mentorship for select Web3 and Blockchain startups. The purpose of this association of BNB and Google is to: promote the growth of startups Web3 and Blockchain in the start-up phase.

This gives BNB Chain projects access to Google’s infrastructure. In particular, these infrastructures will make it possible to:analyze data of the BNB Chain and of encrypt information. CZ announced this on September 18, 2022 on its twitter account.

BNB Chain and Google Cloud Partner to Drive Growth of Web3 and Blockchain Projects – Source: Twitter

Access Successful startup of Google Cloud is also an important advantage. This online incubator allows Web3 builders to connect with the company’s experts. These experts can help them with data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and zero trust security. Finally, the Google Cloud also provides access to a CO2-neutral infrastructure. An important marketing argument for these companies that are often looking for financing.

Zero trust is a security framework that requires all users, both inside and outside the organization’s network, to be continuously authenticated, authorized, and validated for security configuration and conduct before granting permission to access applications and data. »

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With BNB, Google wants its share in the Blockchain

This announcement follows Google’s goal of getting involved with blockchains so as not to miss the train that is already moving. On Friday May 6, 2022, Amit Zavery, the vice president of Google Cloud, announced to his employees the creation of a team specialized in Web3. Also earlier this year, Google Cloud added a malware detection service that focuses on cryptocurrency mining.

BNB and Google Cloud
Google Cloud gains ground

As a reminder, Google Cloud also includes Google Cloud platforma tool for cloud computing “. It allows the use of the same tools as Google for creating applications such as the search engine. This platform allows the creation of simple websites or much more complex applications. So this is a real asset for Web3 startups.

There are no fewer than 1300 registrations” decentralized » are active on the BNB Chain. These 1,300 applications will thus have access to the undeniable advantages of the Google Cloud. We find in these projects Challenges, metaverse, blockchais games, non-replaceable tokens.

But the cloud also poses a threat to the blockchain. Indeed behind the promises of decentralization offered by the cryptocurrency industry, hide it again and again GAFAM. Many nodes are hosted by these clouds, which eventually recentralize the systems within the web giants. A topic you can dig deeper into in this detailed August 23, 2022 article, The Blockchain has passed the test of centralization.

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