Millennials want to try a restaurant in the metaverse before going there in the real world

The millennial generation is made up of a strange mix of crypto enthusiasm mixed with some social anxiety. At least that’s what a new study shows.

A new survey has been released by me&u, a maker of restaurant control technology. The report aims to inform hotel operators and try to determine what the needs of hospitality establishments will be in the future. The study was conducted in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Millennials and the hotel industry

The report revealed new insights into the millennial generation, as well as the kind of experiences they seek in restaurants.

According to the report, 52% of them say they would like to test a new place within the metaverse before going there. Apparently you can’t reserve any surprises for this generation, who seem to hate this sort of thing and need to know what to expect at all times!

According to the report’s authors, “the metaverse will also play a role in the hotel locations of the future.” So most millennials have recognized that they would be interested in the opportunity to start testing a new place through the metaverse. Half of those surveyed would be interested in an establishment that uses this digital universe to experience virtual reality activities, such as virtual tours of the region where their wine comes from.

According to me&u, “As operators want to follow the pulse of consumer demand, this data will enable hospitality companies to ‘prepare for the future’ and thereby accelerate key aspects of their business for customers in the coming years.”

A chic application à la Byte?

Restaurants are no strangers to innovation. Indeed, in my opinion, “In recent years, restaurants and bars have started using technology for the same reason that most industries are quickly adapting to these developments — to create a more efficient one.”

Not only should technology make companies more efficient, millennials now want to use it to get personalized treatment. “With the rise of hyper-personalized places, there is a need to tailor the experience to each unique visitor. Half of consumers surveyed were more likely to visit places that use technology to offer them a personalized menu tailored to their tastes, such as tailored drink recommendations.”

Crypto Payments

What we appreciate about the millennial generation is that they love crypto. And they are quite willing to pay for their sandwiches with a range of tokens.

According to the authors of the report, “By facilitating borderless trading, peer-to-peer as well as multiple tokens and blockchains, Web3 will turn everything you have in your wallet into payment: Bitcoin, NFT or other options of digital currencies. Not only with what you pay becomes easier, but also how you pay.”

Millennials and alcohol

What we know about millennials is that they take alcohol very seriously. Indeed, 33% of respondents believe that bars and restaurants should offer a range of non-alcoholic options. More than a third would go to bars or restaurants without alcohol.

Maybe they will love the concept of virtual beer?

A very healthy generation, according to the report

So what should we do with all those responsible but equally nervous crypto aficionados heading to a new restaurant? Hopefully create better restaurants.


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