Company. Moroccan and Mauritanian investors want to shift up a gear

The private sectors of the two countries want to pull out all the stops to boost investment on both sides of the border. In this sense, the two employers, the CGEM and the UNPM, are calling on their respective members to work together to identify opportunities.

The General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM) and the National Union of Mauritanian Employers (UNPM) want to join forces to boost investment in both Morocco and Mauritania. In this perspective, on 20 September in Casablanca, the two partners organized the second edition of the Morocco-Mauritania Economic Forum, which brought together an audience of Moroccan and Mauritanian investors. No less than 140 Mauritanian entrepreneurs representing different sectors, led by Mohamed Zine El Abidine Ould Cheikh Ahmed, the president of the national trade union of Mauritanian employers, took part in this forum, in addition to their Moroccan colleagues. This high corporate mass allowed the various participants to discuss the opportunities offered on both sides of the border.

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It must be said that although they border, the relationship between the private sectors of the two countries at various levels has yet to be deepened. “Our ambition today is to take Moroccan-Mauritanian relations on all fronts and especially in the economic field to an even higher level,” said Nadia Fettah Alaoui, Minister of Economy and Finance, in her inaugural address. She also pointed out that the relationship between Morocco and Mauritania has been given a new impetus over the past two years to develop ties between the two countries. “This new dynamic will make it possible to promote South-South cooperation in its two Arab and African components,” she continued, adding that the organization of this economic forum came to dedicate this dynamic of cooperation and provide visibility to the actors. about the opportunities to seize. It should also be remembered that the level of trade between Morocco and Mauritania reached DH 2.3 billion, which remains below the ambitions of both sides.

The chairman of the CGEM, Chakib Alj, for his part, indicated that the Moroccan market participants are willing to cooperate on all fronts with their Mauritanian counterparts. In his speech, he specifically mentioned several sectors, such as the fishing industry, in which he assured that there is a desire to work together to increase the value of fishery products by investing in processing plants. “The energy sector is just as crucial. Mauritania has sufficient geographic and climatic potential to succeed in its energy transition, cover its renewable energy needs and reduce its production costs. To this end, Moroccan companies are ready to use their considerable experience in this field to build solar and wind units in collaboration with local actors,” he said.

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Chakib Alj also highlighted the Moroccan pharmaceutical industry, the infrastructure sector and many others, also noting the need to establish a permanent dialogue between the two sides. “As neighboring countries, we share the same challenges, the same ambitions and thus a common future that we can now build together. Hand in hand we can anticipate global economic shocks, hand in hand we can position our economies on the new value chains that are being reformed,” the CGEM president assured. As a reminder, in 2018, the first Morocco-Mauritania economic forum was held in the Mauritanian capital, with the participation of more than a hundred Moroccan businessmen.

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