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What distinguishes the Paris Business Meeting from other business clubs?

When looking for a club business, it is essential to choose a group that is similar to us, with whom we are connected and through which we want to fully integrate you in order to reap the benefits! Each Club has its own operation and its own rules, so you have to make a wise choice.
Discover the Paris Business MeetingCombining all these good points, the Paris Business Meeting is a Club for entrepreneurs, managers, liberal professions and decision-makers who want to grow within a motivating, innovative, ambitious and future-oriented business network. The Club understands the challenges entrepreneurs currently face and is committed to meeting their needs by putting people, businesses and events at the heart of its operations. Founded by Noria Ferrah in January 2021, this club aims to facilitate meetings and synergies through bold networking events.
Prestigious eventsThis club has become known for its innovative approach to networking events where connection and fun are central to exchanges. For example, the Parisian club recently organized an AfterWork White Party, on the terrace of the Marriot Hotel, for discussions and sharing in a Hype & Chill atmosphere. More recently, this Thursday, September 15, members of the club were invited to participate in a conference on acting with the exceptional presence of director Hadj Ali Menad to understand all the problems of acting in the professional world and learn how to become more can be. comfortable in front of a camera for an interview or the usual video conferencing. The members of the Paris Business Meeting come to these events without pressure and exclusively in Afterwork, as the club respects the need of entrepreneurs to prioritize their business.
Daring workshopsThe Paris Business Meeting also offers these innovative entrepreneurs a wide choice of workshops to help them develop their business. Thanks to them, members become active on the networks through practical workshops during meetings, opting for evolution and not endless meetings. The network is then of course available all year round. All these entrepreneurial events are tailor-made thanks to an effective relationship book, adapted to the needs of each member. The PBM even travels in companies to help employees evolve around specific themes such as LinkedIn, Networking, communication or pitch.
Would you like to participate in the Paris Business Meeting?It’s not that simple. Each member of the club is chosen on the basis of two essential criteria: his mentality and his company, which must meet the demands of values, complementarity and ambition idealized by the founder Noria Ferrah. The race for subscribers doesn’t interest them! The PPE opts for quality and not quantity. Signing up for the PBM should become a way of life to integrate naturally into a business family in which you will develop thanks to the mood and strengths of each member. To integrate this network of influence in France, you must start by identifying your drivers and comparing them with the objectives of the network. If this appeals to you, Noria Ferrah would like to welcome you to discuss a future collaboration on the theme that will appeal to you. Building on its success, the Paris Business Meeting now aims to develop throughout the national territory and beyond, both from an event point of view and as a networking club with the creation of new groups led by ambassadors. The goal: to encourage more and more premium partnerships and human and business synergies.

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