Journalist Vanessa Le Moigne surfs the bigoudene wave – Pont-l’Abbé

The meeting is set for Sunday 21 August at 10:00 am in Pors Carn. Vanessa Le Moigne is on time. The sky is cloudy, it is raining. Not really exciting. Not enough to demotivate the sportswoman, long time football fan but converted to surfing for a few years. Let’s go ! The conditions are ideal: light winds and generous waves. After 1h30 session the results are satisfactory. Vanessa Le Moigne laughs, she has come a long way. If she surfs so well, it’s because she learned from the best. The sports journalist had the privilege of meeting Gabriel Medina, three-time world champion. In fact, she surfed with tenors such as Kauli Vaast, Jérémy Florès and Johanne Defay. Unforgettable sessions in the Southwest.

“I feel good here, I feel like I belong”

Pays bigouden continues to slide his land. Here she perfects herself with the cream of the crop from the local surfers: Thomas Joncour and Alan l’Helgoualch, the coaches of the 29Hood school, in Penmarc’h. “When I’m in the water, time stands still. As soon as I can, I will leave Paris to return to Pays Bigouden, where my darling comes from. We live in a family house in Loctudy. I feel good here, I have the impression that I am in the right place”, confides the person who renamed the region “Kerlifornia”.

On social networks, and sometimes even on the air, she regularly praises the region. She finally lives as if on screen, energetic, direct, without a filter. The connection to the tip of Brittany sounded obvious. “The people here are genuine and sincere. They claim their roots loud and clear. Like me, I am proud of my Algerian (her mother) and Breton (her father) origins,” explains the journalist, who has been in the heyday of beIN Sports for ten years. A job and a passion that allowed him to meet his idols, including a certain Zinedine Zidane. “All sports interest me and athletes inspire me. I like stories, discovering the people behind the stars, “says the resident of Saint-Germain-en-Laye (78), nurtured in Paris-Saint-Germain. As a child she went to Camp des Loges with her father.

Vanessa Le Moigne, here on Pors Carn beach, in Penmarc’h. (The Telegram/Steven Lecornu)

“We have been given the microphone, we are not going to let it go any time soon”

It is also by describing the daily life of the capital club that she started her career. It was at Yveline’s Premiere. Everything will speed up with the host Sébastien Cauet. “Little by coincidence, I was asked to film behind the scenes of his show. I stayed there for more than two years and learned a lot. I even made a DVD! ‘ recalls Vanessa Le Moigne. She won’t be away from the sports fields for long.

She quickly joined Orange Sports, on the Sport365 channel created by Patrick Chêne. She then worked for L’ÉquipeTV where she met Charles Bietry before participating in the launch of the beIN Sports channel. The click is his meeting with the journalist Nathalie Iannetta, then on Canal +. “I didn’t really have a role model. She was extraordinary, I wanted to be like her. His masterstroke: the interview with Karim Benzema, exclusively for his great return to Les Bleus.

“I decided we should no longer be silent”

Vanessa Le Moigne, revealed in the shows of L’Expresso and then Happy Sports, has settled in this men’s environment. Sometimes jostled. “I have decided that we must stop being silent and expose all forms of discrimination. It is our responsibility,” said the 39-year-old mother.

She testified last year in Marie Portolano’s shocking documentary “I’m not a slut, I’m a journalist”, which denounces sexist behavior in sports editors. “People have realized the consequences of these repeated attacks,” explains Vanessa Le Moigne. “We’ve been given the microphone, we’re not going to let it go any time soon,” warns the person involved in the Golden Blocks association, which helps young people from priority neighborhoods to make their dreams come true.

The World Cup in Qatar in November

The bigoudène parenthesis is closed. It’s school time again. From September 4, Vanessa Le Moigne will host the beIN Center show. Accompanied by numerous guests, she brings live and non-stop multi-sport news from 2 pm to 8 pm. The year 2022 has been rich. The journalist mainly covered the African Cup of Nations in Cameroon. And it’s not over yet: in November she will make her dream come true by presenting the World Cup in Qatar. “Professionally, this match marks the end of a cycle. It might be the right time to settle permanently in Pays Bigouden.” Kerlifornia, for life.

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