Do you want to pursue an international career? Discover the international bachelor program of ESCE!

Do you want to turn to an international career? Do you want to help change the world around you? Then join the International Bachelor program of the Ecole Supérieure du Commerce Exterieur (ESCE)! Take a diploma and a personalized course, a real springboard into the world of work.

The International Bachelor program: vocational training in three years

Founded in 1968, the School of Foreign Trade (ESCE) designed the International Bachelor program, which lasts three years. This personalized and professional course allows students to complete a 12-month internship during their education. On the other hand, if they wish, they can complete the third year of the apprenticeship program, in this case without tuition fees.

Different specialties for a multitude of promising professions

Synonymous with professional opportunities, the International Bachelor’s degree program is resolutely focused on the future. The richness of this training is reflected in particular in the choice of complete and varied specializations. For example, from the first year, students have the option to choose one of the following three options:

  • sports company
  • Circular economy and sustainable development
  • International relations and geopolitics

From September 2022 and as part of the third year of the international bachelor studies, ESCE offers: five specializations (four specializations in initial training and one in work-study), taught in French and English. Students who opt for an initial education can go to one of the following four specializations:

International Luxury Management

As the name suggests, the International Luxury Management specialization is aimed at enthusiasts and future experts in the luxury industry. The target? Innovating to improve customer service and the customer experience, core themes for a rapidly changing industry. From following current trends to developing the visibility and reputation of a luxury brand, students use their creativity and analytical skills. There are many career opportunities and can lead to careers as a project manager, buyer, communications officer, manager specialized in luxury or visual merchandiser.

Organization management

The Management of Organizations specialization is considered the most generalist of all and is ideal for those who wish to acquire strategic and cross-functional skills focused on entrepreneurship, international management, finance or digital marketing. Within a wide variety of structures, students can materialize their self-entrepreneurship projects or focus on positions such as project manager, organizational consultant, business unit director or product manager.

The specialization International Business

Drawing up a commercial strategy, signaling market developments, looking for the best solutions in the field of payment methods and guarantees are essential skills for future professionals who want to work in import-export. The target ? Optimizing a company’s performance, taking into account the impact of European policies on a global scale and customs formalities. At the end of this specialization, students can aspire to the positions of export salesman, import-export manager, international project manager, supply chain manager or sales manager.

International Corporate Finance

The Corporate Finance International specialization, designed for students who want to progress in accounting, finance and strategy, provides students with all the tools necessary to pursue their future profession. Password ? Improve a company’s financial performance and value by anticipating and managing the risks it may face. In this way, they will be equipped to become bank commercial attachés, treasury and finance officers, credit analysts, technical advisers in finance or assistant management controllers.

Students turning to learning follow a common specialization which is the specialization Marketing and Business Development.

This enables them to prepare for the integration of marketing and sales functions, to drive any company’s marketing strategy and make it thrive. Moreover, this allows students to train from A to Z in the sales process, in an international dimension. In that case, future professionals can work as a business developer, commercial attaché, account manager, account manager or even sales manager.

Because it offers very concrete multidisciplinary education, the ESCE . encourages employability students, in France or abroad. By going into the field and thus becoming acquainted with the world of work, students can quickly become operational. In the context of group projects, specific issues are entrusted to them by various companies. Students must provide concrete answers and solutions through challenging and truly exciting scenarios.

Enjoy an extraordinary international experience with ESCE

By participating in the ESCE International Bachelor, students have the option of taking courses entirely in English from the first year. They can also study abroad, in cosmopolitan cities and major metropolises such as Paris, Barcelona, ​​London and San Francisco. During their second year of study, students complete a semester in London or Barcelona and two months of optional training in San Francisco during the final year of the course. As such, they are required to learn two foreign languages ​​and have the option of learning a third living language.

A pedagogical approach that allows you to show the best of yourself

How does the ESCE distinguish itself in the world of higher education? Thanks to the approach she wanted to follow, namely Montessori pedagogy. It focuses on personal development, self-confidence, autonomy and inventiveness. In this sense, the establishment allows its students to be active in their learning process and to consolidate their technical, linguistic and behavioral skills (also known as soft skills). With the help of the digital tool Skills Passport developed by the institution, they can be inventoried and evaluated, thus legitimizing the professionalism of future graduates.

In addition, the ESCE allows students to benefit from highly qualitative courses that are both dynamic and participatory. For example, the school’s faculty, of which 50% of the teachers come from abroad, mentors the students on a daily basis to help them become independent and reach their full potential.

ESCE: a human-sized school that emphasizes meeting and sharingFounded on the initiative of the French Center for Foreign Trade, now known as Business France, the ESCE has built up for several years an extensive international network composed of prestigious university institutions and companies (large international groups, ETI, SME or start-ups). The school, initially based in Paris, which opened a second campus in Lyon in 1999, can also count on the support of numerous partners, including the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and BPI France.

Thanks to the ESCE, the students also benefit from a dynamic associative life, which accentuates the educational projects of the establishment. Today there are almost 40 associations, present in Paris and Lyon, that invite themselves into the daily life of students. The latter can join events, sports, humanitarian, cultural and professional associations. Each member of the association assumes responsibilities for management or project management purposes, with an international dimension. The target? Completely immerse yourself in their professional project while living their passion.

Aware of the current global problems and changes in society at the ethical, socio-economic and environmental levels, ESCE relies on the personal and professional fulfillment of its young graduates. It also allows those who wish to continue their studies through numerous programs (Grande Ecole program, doctoral programs, Master of Science at bac +5 level). The school, which recently opened a university campus in the La Défense district of Paris, is therefore a passport for gaining international practical experience.

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