75 researchers ‘angry about the waste’

The 75 signatory teacher-researchers

Here is the full list of the 75 signatories to the open letter from actors and managers in the field, including 14 holders or co-holders of PIA (Programme Investissements d’Avenir) programs, 24 unit directors (including major mixed research units) or research federations, 5 directors of components, 5 directors or assistants of doctoral schools, 9 heads of international Masters, 8 members of the Institut universitaire de France, 14 winners of national and international awards, including ERC.

Olivier AdotevicPalme de la Médecine 2015, next director UMR 1098 INSERM EFS Host-graft-tumor interactions and cellular and genetic engineering (RIGHT)
Nicholas Andreffprofessor of robotics, Grand Prix Charles Deffrey Institut de France 2018
Vincent Armbrusterdirector of the Higher Institute of Engineers of Franche-Comté (ISIFC)
Gaelle ArvisenetHead International Master UBFC P2-FOOD
Jean-J. AucouturierDR CNRS FEMTO-ST, ERC Starting Grant and Proof of Concept
Philippe Barralprofessor of protohistoric archeology, director UAR 3124 CNRS House of Human and Environmental Sciences Claude Nicolas Ledoux (MSH-E)
Ausrine BartasyteIUF 2022 member, Labex ACTION Chair of Excellence, Deputy Director UMR FEMTO-ST, Co-Head of EUR EIPHI Graduate School Research Commission
Arnaud Beduneauco-director of the UBFC Innovative Drugs International Masters
Laurent Beney, Deputy Coordinator Graduate School TRANSBIO (PIA3 SFRI UBFC-InteGrate)
Elias Bou MarounHead of International Master UBFC MP2, Associate Professor UMR PAM: Food and Wine Science & Technology
Loic BriandDirector UMR 6265 CNRS INRAE ​​​​​​Center for Taste and Food Sciences (CSGA)
Karine BrissetDeputy Director of the Doctoral School of Law, Management, Economics and Politics (DGEP), co-head of the UBFC BDEEM International Masters
Daniel Brunner, CR CNRS FEMTO-ST, Bronze Medal CNRS 2021, ERC Consolidator 2021
Helene CelleProfessor Hydrogeology, Co-Head of the Thematic Pole Life and Earth Sciences, Territories, Environments, Food (SV2TEA) UBFC
Rudy Chauletdirector of the UBFC Rare Book and Digital Humanities International Masters
Hughes DaussyProfessor Center Lucien Febvre, Honorary Member IUF, Prix Gobert 2003 of the Academy of Inscriptions and Belles-Lettres, Prix Chateaubriand 2014
Siamak Davanicdirector EA 3920 Prognostic markers and regulatory factors of cardiac and vascular pathologies (PCP)
Christophe DelaunayDirector UMR 6623 CNRS Besançon Mathematics Laboratory (LmB)
Celine DemougeotDirector EA 4267 Pathologies and Epithelia: Prevention, Innovation, Treatments, Evaluation (PEPITE)
André Didierjean, professor of cognitive psychology. Honorary Member of the IUF, Director of the Doctoral School of Societies, Space, Practices, Time (ED SEPT), Deputy Director of MSHE Ledoux
Mostapha DissDirector EA 3190 Center for Research on Economic Strategies (CRESE)
Bruno DomenichinicProfessor of Chemistry, Joint Head of Research Commission EUR EIPHI Graduate School, Deputy Director FR CNRS 2050 Photoemission Spectroscopies SPE
John DudleyCNRS Silver Medal 2013, Honorary Member IUF, ERC Advanced Grant 2011, President International Year of Light 2015, numerous international awards
David FoficDirector of the Robotics Department ESIREM – School of Digital and Materials Engineering
Jean-Christophe Foltètedirector UMR 6049 CNRS Theorizing and Modeling for Development (ThéMA)
Carmen Garrido-FleuryDeputy Director of Labex LIPSTIC, Pink Ribbon “Future” Prize 2017, Grand Prize for Research Pink Ribbon 2021
Emilie Gauthiermember IUF 2021, director UMR 6249 CNRS Chrono environment
Patrick Giraudouxhonorary member IUF, professor of Ecology UMR CNRS Chrono-environnement
Yann GodetDeputy Coordinator Graduate School INTHERAPI -PIA3 SFRI UBFC Integrate
Emmanuel HaffenDirector EA481 Laboratory of Integrative and Clinical Neurosciences (LNIC), Head of the Department of Adult Psychiatry CHU Besançon
George Herbeindirector EA 4266 Epigenetics of Viral Infections and Inflammatory Diseases (EPILAB)
Daniel HisselDeputy Director Hydrogen Research Federation FR 2044 CNRS, MedalBlondel 2018, CNRS Medal for Innovation 2020, Senior Member IUF 2022, Fellow IEEE 2021
Didier HocquetDeputy Director of PIA4 ExcellenceS HARMI, Professor of Microbiology UMR CNRS Chrono-environment and CHU Besançon
Maxime Jacquotcoordinator of the PIA3 SFRI UBFC-InteGrate, deputy coordinator PIA3 Equipex + SMARTLIGHT, responsible for the international Master UBFC PICS
Sylvain Jeandrozprofessor at the Agro-Dijon INRAe Institute, UMR Agroecology
Louis Jeanjeanprofessor of mathematics, deputy director of the Carnot-Pasteur Doctoral School (CP)
Pierre Joubertdirector UFR Sciences and Techniques UFC
Yann KersaleDirector Time-Frequency Department FEMTO-ST
Francois Lanzettahead of the UFC Thermal Energy International Masters
Beatrice LaperouDirector EA 3225 Legal Research Center of Franche-Comté (CRJFC)
Laurent BiggerHonorary Member IUF, IEEE Fellow 2020, Optica Fellow 2020, Director UMR 6174 CNRS Institut FEMTO-ST
Yann LeCoq, CNRS/Observatoire de Paris-PSL, Director of Labex FIRST-TF, FR 2038 Network for Research, Innovation, Training, Services and Time-Frequency Transfer
Pascal Lecroart, Professor of French Literature, Director of the Letters, Communication, Languages ​​and Arts Doctoral School (ED LECLA)
Florent LheureuxDirector EA3188 Psychology Laboratory
Frederic Lirussiajointly responsible for AXIS I of the Labex LIPSTIC
Hervé Maillottedirector of PIA3 University Research School EUR EIPHI Graduate School, DR CNRS FEMTO-ST
christian mayorprofessor of mathematics, president of the Collegium SFSPI UFC
Abdullah Makhoulicprofessor of computer science, head of the UBFC IoT International Masters
Francois Marshalprofessor of economics, co-head of the Thematic Center for Law, Management, Economics and Politics (DGEP) UBFC
Patrick MarquieDeputy Director of the Doctoral School of Engineering Sciences and Microtechnology (SPIM)
Fabrice Martindirector UMR Agroecology INRAe
Frank Marzanicprofessor of imaging and artificial vision, ImViA laboratory
Frederic MerienneDeputy Director of the Arts and Crafts Institute of Chalon-sur-Saône, ENSAM Cluny
Olivier MicheauDr INSERM UMR 1231 Lipids, Nutrition, Cancer-LNC, Ranked in Top List of Biology and Biochemistry Scientists on Research.com
Thierry Moulinneurologist, director of UFR Santé UFC, president 2013-2016 of the French Association for Digital Health
Frederic Muyardcoordinator of the PIA3 NCU RITM-BFC and director of the National Higher Institute of Teaching and Education (INSPE) Besançon
Michael Narcecoordinator Graduate School INTHERAPI -PIA3 SFRI UBFC Integrate
Dennis PascoDirector of the Federation of Educational Research FR EDUC INSPE Besançon
Laurent PhilippotDirector of PIA4 ExcellenceS HARMI, Research Director UMR Agroecology, Web of Science Highly Cited Researcher, Distinguished Scientist Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences 2019, Laurier INRAe 2021
Gerard Poulachondirector of the Bourguignon Laboratory of Materials and Processes (LaBoMaP), ENSAM Cluny
Jean-Luc Pretetdirector EA3181 Carcinogenesis associated with HPV-CNR papillomavirus
Francis RaoulHead of the UBFC EMME International Masters
Celine ReyleAstronomer, UTINAM Institute, Besançon Observatory, Chair of the INSU-CNRS National Stellar Physics Program, Head of a Working Group within the European Space Agency’s GAIA Mission Consortium
Michael Riallandassociate professor, UMR INSERM 1231 Lipids, Nutrition, Cancer-LNC
Robin Rocheassociate professor UTBM, director of the FEMTO-ST Energy Department
Ioan Roxindirector EA 4661 Edition, Literature, Languages, Computers, Art, Didactics, Treatise (ELLIADD)
Enrico Rubiolacoordinator of PIA1 Equipex Oscillator-IMP, IEEE WG Caddy Award 2018
Philippe Saascoordinator of PIA1 LabExLIPSTIC, director UMR 1098 INSERM EFS Host-graft-tumor interactions and cellular and genetic engineering (RIGHT)
Renaud ScheiflerGraduate School Coordinator TRANSBIO -PIA3 SFRI UBFC Integrate, Deputy Director UMR 6249 CNRS Chrono Environment
Charles Thomasassociate professor UMR 1231 INSERM LNC, co-head of the Master 2 Food Agro-Food Sustainable Development (A3DD)
Francois Vernotteco-director of PIA1 Labex FIRST-TF, FR 2038 Network for Research, Innovation, Training, Services and Time-Frequency Transfer
Virginia Vinelprofessor of sociology and anthropology, laboratory of sociology and anthropology (LaSA) UFC
Christian VivierDirector EA4660 C3S (Culture, Sport, Health, Society), President of the French Association
Dominique VuittonProfessor Emeritus of Clinical Immunology, Full Member of the National Academy of Medicine

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