“We can’t agree to leave it at that! »

Parents of students of the Cardaillac school in Rodez, mobilized since the beginning of the school year after the announcement of the abolition of a functionhad an appointment with on Thursday 15 September Claudine Lajusdirector of departmental education services, Manuel Poujolsgeneral secretary, Bernard Fresignacnational education inspector and assistant to the DSDEN and Francoise Rollandnational education inspector.

The meeting took place in the presence of Christian Teyssedremayor of Rodez, Fabienne Castagnosdeputy mayor in charge of education and parents Sebastien Mourciahead of the health center Faubourg, Regis Ficat, Samuel Mercoirol, Amelie Vayssettes, Aurelie Cochard, Sandrine Cluzel and Emmanuelle Aurejac-Maurel.

The meeting started with a monologue from the inspector who explained to us how a decision is madetell the parents of students at the end of the meeting. Of course tables, supervision percentage, percentage, numbers were their only arguments, and this until the end.
Then we set out our arguments: overcrowded classrooms, the inappropriate infrastructure, the violence of the expedition, the suppression of the class, the impact on our children (which we did not hesitate to bring up knowing that some of this same class already have experienced the closure of the Paul Girard school, then the actions of a teacher who had to report to justice and who was expelled), the abolition of a class already last year, covid. The same class that also suffered from an infrastructure that was not adapted to accommodate a child in a wheelchair (which we just got after 10 years of struggle). We emphasized the social diversity within the school, a quality teaching team and that the change of management could breathe new life into the school. We also underlined the proximity of the Jean Moulin College, which is losing students year after year. »

“We can’t agree to leave it at that! »

The parents of students then expressed their displeasure in solidarity with the teaching team, but more particularly with this compassionate teacher who was introduced to us at the last school council, who had just been given his position as holder and who is replacing himself again. »

Why ? a student dad asked the inspector. ” What was the urgency to remove this position if there are two retirements in June? »

in the middle of the meeting, Bernard Fresignac, national education inspector and assistant to the DSDEN, came up with the idea that a kindergarten teacher could break free in the afternoon to join this class of CM2. By indicating that there was a siesta in the afternoon, there is therefore less need for teachers in the kindergarten. ” We invited them to travel to see the impossibility of the infrastructure to make this happen, explain to the parents of students. This CM2 who already has two mistresses should welcome another one in the afternoon? A kindergarten teacher who would leave her entire class to a town hall employee who is already busy welcoming children under 3 (with or without a diaper)? »

Our numerous testimonials and questions were often refuted by cost and DIY arguments… We can’t agree to stop there!insure the parents of students. Our teachers are not pawns, our children are not numbers! »

Also with the support of the municipality, community health workers, parents of students”, always angry », continue the mobilization and intend to be heard by Arnaud Vialapresident of the provincial council, Stephane MazarsMP for Aveyron, the Rectorate and even the Minister of Education…

In the meantime, they continue their mobilization on the ground and in the media. You can also meet them at the Rodez Market this Saturday September 17th and sign their petition.

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