Vélo Tonic Vauverdois, a relief for the cycling school

Daniel, Malone and Mickael Tailhades

The clothes do not make the monk, but the choice of a new outfit reflects the desire to bring change and dynamism to the Vélo Tonic Vauverdois. By choosing a sporty outfit with a more modern, fresh and sober design, the club, which has entered into a partnership with a local company “CRESCYCLINGWEAR”, shows real ambition.

It is in this spirit of renewal that the club, dear to its president Thierry Pajot, and in response to demand, is relaunching the training of young mountain bikers. This year will be the year of the reopening of the mountain bike school.

The mountain bike school recruits children from 8 to 12 years old in the category “Chick – students-Benjamins”, the meetings are on Wednesdays at 2 p.m. For more information, please contact vtvecolevtt@gmail.com Julien or 06 14 62 12 33 Fred.

Historically, the VTV (Vélo Tonic Vauverdois), founded in 1995, is a mountain bike club, mountain bike, with good track record, especially in downhill mountain biking for Anaïs Pajot, two-time world champion in downhill mountain biking, but also many other podiums, national, regional and /or departmental, for other members of the club from 1995 to the present.

The club has been a breeding ground for the various selections of the FFC (French Cycling Federation). Over time, it has developed road sections, Gravel cycle (all road bike) and VAE (electric assisted bicycle), which are accessible to everyone.

“We are proud of our riders and our results. Our members participate in various races, trophies, cups or championships. This year we are indeed finding good places in the leagues. exclaim Thierry Pajot and the general secretary, Frédéric Suraux Nissard.

Challenge Gardois MTB XCo

Provisional standings after 7 rounds.
Cat Pupils Malone Tailhades 5th,
Cat Master 30, Loïc Volf 6th, Mickaël Tailhades 7th,
Cat Master 50, Florian Boisset 5th, Bruno Desfours 13th, Pierre Gauthier 21st.

Regional Occitanie MTB XCo Cup (cross country)

General classification
Malone Tailhades Division Category, 6th Place
Master 30 category, Mickaël Tailhades 2nd and Loïc Volf 14th
Category Master 50 Florian Boisset 16em

Mountain Bike Firefighter Regional Championship

Pierre Gauthier 1st master 50 – 55 years

Traces of the 2nd master kepis 50 – 55 years

Héiène Dziadula French mountain bike champion ae XCO L’Espérou 2022

Our women in the spotlight

Grand prize

2nd place for Lisa Gemmet at the Grand Prix Aroma Zone

French MTB Ae XCo Championship

But also a French mountain bike champion AE XC (Cross-Country Electric Assistance Mountain Bike). During this championship, Hélène Dziadula won the title in Master Dame 50, she brought the club into the history of this championship but also became the first woman to win it herself as the title was awarded for the first time in this category this year.

the games

Gard Mountain Bike Challenge

The Gard Challenge takes place over 8 laps, on mountain bike routes adapted to each category in terms of difficulty, number of laps and distance. Award of points for each round, the accumulation makes the final standings with the highest number of points.

Region Cup, same principle.

Before each race, specific check of the equipment, wheel, fork, frame, handlebar, which must comply with FFC and/or UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) regulations.

French MTB Ae XC Championship

Before each race, specific check of the equipment, wheel, fork, frame, handlebar, which must comply with FFC and/or UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) regulations.

Engine clamped at 25 km Check made on a test bench for each bike.

Course from 4 to 10 km to be completed several times depending on the category, emphasizing the technical prowess of driving, climbing, descending, privileged, avoiding straight line, prohibited battery charging “management of the pilot “.

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