Montpellier: The Minister of National Education “proud” of the inauguration of the Samuel Paty school

The tricolor ribbon cut, the school officially inaugurated. (©PG / Metropolitan)

In the midst of his busy schedule, the Minister of National EducationDad Ndiaye, came inaugurate the new Samuel Paty School in the heart of the Restanque district, this Friday September 16.

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Samuel Paty, then professor of History-Geography at the College of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, was beheaded on October 16, 2020 by an Islamic terrorist for displaying two caricatures of Mohammed. His memory should be preserved forever.

This is the first time that a Minister of National Education has inaugurated a school in Montpellier. This one bears the name of Samuel Paty, but also that of Lucie Aubrac, a figure of the French Resistance during the Second World War.

This new school, located in the Restanque district, has 15 classes, including five kindergartens and ten primary schools. Photovoltaic panels have been installed on an area of ​​370 m2. During the works, a fiftieth year old fig tree was preserved. The city has invested 11.5 million €.

After surrender in Mauguio and Sete to visit two schools and a university there, the minister Pap Ndiaye cut the tricolor inauguration ribbon from theSamuel Paty School – Lucie Aubrac next Michael Delafossemayor of Montpellier; Sophie BejeanRector of the Academy of Montpellier; Christophe Maunyacademy inspector and academic director of National Education Services (DASEN); Fanny Dombre Costefirst deputy mayor of Montpellier and delegate to the educational city; Philippe Sorezdeputy (LREM) of the 1e constituency of Hérault; like Laurence ChristolMember of Parliament (LREM) for the 3ᵉ constituency of Hérault.

Tribute to Samuel Paty

After the speech of the school principal Under the nod of approval from Michael Delafosse and Fanny Dombre-Coste, a man approached the desk and spoke. this guy is Christopher Capuano, a friend of Samuel Paty. His quivering tone full of emotion, he evokes their moments from the past, his satisfaction when he became a history geography teacher and his powerful open-mindedness that he instilled in his students. “By slaughtering Samuel Paty, it’s also… the School of the Republic and its values who wanted to kill the terrorist. Our tribute and this inauguration today show us that he failed. What a pride! What a pride to see your name, Samuel, in this school’, he focuses with moist eyes and lets an inconsolable sadness resurface.

Michaël Delafosse looks sad and welcomes Christophe Capuano's speech.
Michaël Delafosse looks sad and welcomes Christophe Capuano’s speech. (©PG / Metropolitan)

“The name of this establishment symbolizes the courage to teach and I know these children will be pride to spend these crucial years here, in the Samuel Paty primary school,” emphasizes Pap Ndiaye, Minister of National Education and Youth, noting that the murder of the teacher as “frozen”. As soon as he took office on May 20, rue du Grenelle, three days later the normalien went to the college of Conflans-Saint-Honorine. A more than symbolic visit.

“Samuel Paty had only done his job as a history teacher: expose the truth and take the discussion that goes with it. History teachers, like writers (note: reference to Salman Rushdie), those who say that lives are multiple, are also surprising that they are not limited to creeds, ideologies,” says Pap Ndiaye. ” I’m pride to inaugurate today a school whose beautiful name means nour affirmation of the freedom and power to teach. »

At the national level, we are working hard to ensure that teachers find the resources they need to teach the values ​​of the Republic. In the academy of Montpellier, the resources are particularly rich, so that no professor feels alone in the exercise of his profession.

Pap NdiayeMinister of National Education
The city council voted unanimously in September 2021 for this name. (©PG / Metropolitan)

After these speeches recalling the macabre consequences of obscurantism and religious fanaticism, all the personalities present took part in a guided tour of the school by the architect. Insulation, vegetation, energy costs… Minister Pap Ndiaye wanted to know everything and stated that heat waves have become a concern. Namely that the school park consumes about 35% of the total energy of the city of Montpellier. For example, solar panels have been placed on the roof of the school to have part of the self-consumption.

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FSU 34: the report of this start of the 2022 school year

For Stéphane Audebeau, SES teacher at a secondary school in Sète and co-departmental secretary of the FSU 34 trade union, and his colleagues, this start of the school year “gives the feeling of experiencing a great degradation of our profession that is no longer recognized by the society and resulting in a collapse of their purchasing power.” A historic collapse as it is “- 20% of purchasing power for twenty years. With the galloping inflation there is a big problem. We ask that more than 3.5% be factored in at the level of the index point.”

There is also the feeling of a lack of staff, “everywhere”. “The practicing staff is under enormous pressure and I am thinking in particular of the new interns who have to work 18 hours, i.e. full time in appalling conditions. Some have already resigned, we know very well that they will continue to do so.”

There are rumors that secondary school classes house 38 students, which Stéphane Audebeau confirms: “It exists in a few secondary schools, especially in Montpellier. I am thinking of Jules Guesde’s or even Castelnau-le-Lez’s. Fortunately, this is not general, but these are unbearable working conditions and very difficult learning conditions for students.”

And finally: “In Terminale, the baccalaureate exams are in March. And in March, most students are unprepared.”

> On September 29, two interprofessional mobilizations will take place. One takes place at 10 am in Béziers, the other at 3 pm in Montpellier.

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