Digistone, the online sales platform for real estate agents, turns the turbo

Ten years in the making and launched confidentially for a year, Bidimo’s online sales platform is gearing up and changing its name. The result of a peaceful conflict between notaries and real estate agents.

Say no more Bidimo. After a long conflict opposed to its private designers against the Federation of Notaries – because the name is deemed too close to Biddit, Fednot’s auction platform – the designers have renamed theirs. “This choice is the result of the amicable agreement concluded with the Federation of Notaries who had taken action against Bidimo. With this agreement, the latter now fully recognizes the legality of our online tender platform.” Reynald Jacobs, the new CEO of Digistonewho had a career at Securex before starting the project three months ago and doesn’t hide his impatience to gear up.

“Fednot now fully recognizes the legitimacy of our online bidding platform.”

Reynald Jacobs

Digistone CEO

After a little over a year of existence, the partner platform of the federation of brokers federation, finally comes out of the shadows. Aiming to complement traditional and face-to-face brokerage, this new tool is exclusively reserved for licensed real estate professionals. It aims to accelerate and securely manage online real estate sales.

“In the real estate industry, the principle of ‘make an offer from’ has become widespread in recent years – especially during the pandemic – sometimes leaving buyers who see the target escape too often with a bitter taste. reinventing real estate transaction, there is an increasing need for supervision. And we want to respond to that as best as possible with Digistone”, motivates Laurent Bierlaire, business developer of the new tool.

Bidimo, a long story

Already 10 years in the pipeline – with a first model in 2011 – founded by Gregory Maquet (Storm Capital Investment) and Robert Levy (Trust Merchant Bank) Bidimo SA, renamed Digistone SA last summer, is currently housed in the Waterloo Atrium, Drève Richelle 167. Currently capitalized at 1.9 million euros, the main shareholders are Robert Levy and Alain Lahy (Baobab Collection)who together own the majority of the shares. The start-up, which employs 6 people, has just completed version 2.0 of its online platform. It is preparing a round table discussion with selected institutional investors to continue its commercial development. It is about to move to the Triomflaan in Brussels-Delta (Zilverplein).

“Recently, frustrations related to the opacity of the system and lack of regulation could paint a poor picture of the broker.”

For Caroline Lejeune, President of Federia, at the head of a real estate agency in the Liège region, it was important from the start to be a structural partner of such a successful digitization project, directly linked to the day-to-day brokerage. “In recent times, the frustrations associated with the opacity of the system and lack of regulation could give a bad image to the broker who was unable to disclose the amount of offers received due to their secrecy. Instead of the platform now it stands and offers an undeniable safe advantage, both for the professional seller and for the person making the offer.”

Flexibility and transparency

Launched in early July 2021, the platform welcomed some 850 buyers in the run-up phase who signed up for the various sales and submitted more than 1,000 offers, all sales combined. Although the licenses granted to about a hundred agencies so far mainly concern professionals from the south of the country, the platform is resolutely national and several networks (Century21, Trevi, Engel & Volkers) or branches from Flanders are already active on the site.

The board of Digistone

Bernard de Gerlache (interim)

Thierry Seynave (Seynave financial advice)

John Kraft de la Saulx (XL Group Invest)

Gergory Maquet (Storm Capital Investment)

A total of 300 properties (apartments, houses, land, atypical properties, etc.) were put up for sale by real estate agents. Delays in sales can last up to two months, at the discretion of the broker, the online tender and countdown is limited to 5 days.

Within 48 hours of closing registrations, the seller determines which one suits him best, with the option of taking the property out of the sale. “The big difference of our system lies in the choice of the winning bid by the owner-seller. The latter, who has all the details of the offers made for his property, can select the one that best suits him. not the highest bid that automatically wins the sale,” adds Reynald Jacobs.

For their part, the candidates for the purchase have from the outset the precise characteristics of the property, such as in a real estate agency or even better; but also details of the sale: the launch price, the dates of the online tender, whether or not to accept suspensive clauses, etc.

Refine the tool continuously

Any licensed professional who wishes to list goods for sale on the Digistone platform purchases an annual license, the price of which varies between 220 (10 ads) and 440 euros (unlimited) per month. “We maintain a direct active link with our privileged contractors so that they can share their comments about using the tool and allow us to improve it immediately. Anything that could hinder the use of the tool has already been reviewed and corrected by our partner developer from Namur, the company La Niche,” says Laurent Bierlaire, who has also been a real estate agent in Mons for 20 years.

The summary

  • The project of the Bidimo online real estate sales platform, which has been in the pipeline for ten years, is finally coming out of confidentiality, renamed Digistone for the occasion.
  • The digital platform open to all professional brokers presents itself as a reliable and complementary tool to traditional marketing.
  • The start-up carrying the project will move to Brussels in the coming days and will launch a capital increase for institutional investors.

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