Raghed, from Cahors to Sierra Leone, his native land where he built a second school on the outskirts of Freetown

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Raghed Kamara lives and works in Cahors, but part of his heart and part of his childhood are rooted in Sierra Leone, his native country, where he continues to intervene in a purely humanitarian context. How ? By building a school, after having already built one. The Covid has delayed his construction site. His main mission. This summer it picked up again. Nothing can stop this man from wanting to give back to his country some of what he gave it: education.

Sierra Leone, like many other parts of Africa, has been hit hard by the health crisis. This country has already been hit hard by an economic and food crisis that has prevented it from rolling on gold, far from it.

The education system also struggles with a strong demand for access to education, but with few material resources to care for children under acceptable hygienic and working conditions.

High school under construction.
Photo provided by the ASDES association

Raghed Kamara knows this better than anyone because he carries the scars of his native country’s suffering in his soul. From Cahors, he tries to organize the construction sites he managed to launch in the Yams Farm district and make sure they keep ending.

240 students welcome to primary school thanks to action by Raghed and his association

Nothing is ever easy. Extreme weather conditions, the Covid and difficulties in finding funds or labor slows Raghed in his efforts, but he does not give up and gives up his person by traveling to the country to join the workers and build with them the foundations of a new project to dig well Advanced.

This is “the construction of a secondary school after the renovation of a primary school and the construction of a school for about 240 students. This project has been completed. The primary school is running at full speed”, he exults.

This structure must accommodate classes from the new location.

This structure must accommodate classes from the new location.
Photo provided by the ASDES association

“Initially we planned to house 150 children in this large building, but the demand for education was high and it was difficult to turn down young people from the neighborhood. Especially because many families of Yams Farm have rolled up their sleeves through the Nurul foundation in combination with ours in Cahors: ASDES.

“We have restored a real ruin”

“The children of Yams Farm dreamed of their school, together we made it come true”: This sentence sums up Raghed’s action in his country. He spent much of his time there this summer and did not sit still.

“We have converted a real ruin to turn it into a school. We are very proud of it. Then it convinced me that we could do better and more by making another big building so primary school children can continue their education in high school .”

The voice of the teachers and the laughter of the children

“We also dug a well, because water and supply are major problems there. This well is used to supply the toilets of the two schools: the one that has been completed and the secondary school under construction,” concludes Raghed, proud to announce the presenting photos of the work in progress: four classrooms are almost ready. He is taking part in the construction of two more.

Raghed (center) here during the construction of the well that feeds the two schools.

Raghed (center) here during the construction of the well that feeds the two schools.
Photo provided by the ASDES association

Raghed is a dreamer. He smiles as if the voices of the teachers and the laughter of the children already resounded in this new school of which he remains the main architect.

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