Macron announces the launch of consultations in every branch from October

Emmanuel Macron has promised schools more autonomy to run school programs. And the consultation that should define these projects will take place in each location from October onwards.

The idea is to put the “mission and professions” of the national education staff “at the heart of the nation’s life.” To do this, the Elysée is committed to a flagship measure: giving schools more autonomy to define their educational project.

In a letter sent this Friday to the National Education staff, Emmanuel Macron set out an initial horizon for achieving this goal. For example, he announced the launch of consultations in “every school, every college, every high school” starting in October.

round table

The President of the Republic undertakes: “From October, we will launch all over France this place of the school’s re-establishment by proposing to each school, each university, each secondary school to build its own project by everyone around the table” .

He also specifies the round table and invites “heads of institutions, school principals, teachers and the entire educational community, parents of students, students, associative or economic partners and elected officials of the local authorities” to sit there.

However, it is not a question of disrupting the programs, which will remain national. “It is, of course, up to the national level to determine the objectives of the programs, that is, the knowledge to be transferred and their goals,” explains Emmanuel Macron.

The head of state ensures the promotion of a new “educational freedom”, continues: “But it is now up to the local level to choose the means for this transfer, through suitable methods and projects.”

Ringing and stumbling promises

He also confirms that the said “appropriate projects” will be financed by an education innovation fund for an amount of 500 million euros. The ministry is going to conduct a pilot with these experiments.

“You will also be supported by your Rectorate, who will put all their expertise at your service to discuss and help implement your ideas. The central administration will have a dedicated team that can pool best practices by making them known at the national level. , without, however, building them into new imposed models,” emphasizes the head of state in this regard.

In the beam of the proofs of love that are supposed to return to the teachers of the heart at work, Emmanuel Macron recalls his will to revalue the teachers: “So the salary of the teachers will have increased by about 10% and no teacher will start his career unless of 2,000 euros net from the start of the 2023 school year.”

“All teachers who wish will be able to fulfill additional missions, for example replacement, individualized follow-up, guidance in orientation or professional integration or coordination tasks. This work, which many of you are already doing, will now be recognized and recognized. salary increase for teachers who accept this pact could thus be as high as 20%,” he adds.


Because, apart from the October meeting, Emmanuel Macron’s text is mainly intended to repeat the device unveiled on August 25, for the rectors gathered at the Sorbonne, to “recover the school”.

And the envisaged measures do not only concern teachers. Emmanuel Macron turns to the students and in his letter describes his intentions regarding their lessons. “In primary school, we will continue to emphasize basic learning and we will generalize daily sports practice,” he says.

He also has his projects for high school, starting with university: “We will organize a more effective link with the first grade in the 6th grade so that everyone feels better supported in this important transition”.

“We will also create a weekly ‘future half day’ from the 5th that will awaken vocations and improve their orientation,” continues Emmanuel Macron.

Finally, after mentioning the extension of the Culture Pass for secondary school students from the age of 6, he reiterated his desire to “fight against bullying at school, which causes so much damage to our children and which often keeps them in check”. strengthen. As for secondary schools, he wants to “consolidate maths in the common core”, and above all insists on his goal of making vocational secondary schools “an elective pathway and successful professional integration”.

Robin Verner BFMTV journalist

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