Lyons. This school makes its students believe in an attack: “there was nothing funny”

The Idrac Business School, on the HEP campus in Lyon 9th, organized a very special integration day. (©Google Street View)

NEWS INFO LYON. It is a more than special return to school that the masters 1 of the private school Idrac Business School experienced, on the HEP campus in Gorge de Loup (9th Lyon).

On their integration day, Thursday, September 15, 2022, the establishment saw it appropriate to make them believe in a terrorist attack, in fairly real-life circumstances. A staging in bad taste that shocked.

A few days earlier, the school had already warned the new students via email that they would “be unavailable” during this day that would be “unforgettable”. Indeed, upon their arrival, they were all instructed to leave their cell phones at the entrance to the amphitheater. One of the students present tells us.

The director in the picture

“Around 10 o’clock the director of Idrac spoke and introduced himself. After a few minutes, the executive assistant intervened and urged her to speak. »

The director returns to the room with “a closed face”. He then asks his students to remain calm. “She told us that something very important was happening around the school, that we were alert, that we all had to sit down. We started to stress,” the student reports. “She even asked if there were people with heart problems and reiterated that it was no joke. »

The overhead projector screen turns on. A false alarm BFM is broadcast, with images of the school entrance announcing a “break-in by armed persons” and a “possible terrorist attack that has not yet been claimed”. “It was a bit big, I thought it was wrong, but I still had my doubts. »

“My heart is pounding”

The amphitheater doors are broken open. Two hooded people enter the room with fake weapons and tasers.

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They yelled to put us under the tables, which we did. They told us to shut up, they insulted us and threatened those who hadn’t bowed yet. My heart was pounding. Everything went through my head.

One of the students present

According to the student, another student would also have suffered a severe blow from the stress. “They then grabbed the director by the collar, put her on her knees with her hands behind her head. Then they told us we would now form groups. Only then did we really understand that they were talking about the groups for the integration day and that everything was a joke. »

Full of incomprehension and indignation, the student wonders, “Can you imagine if someone in the room had already experienced an attack? There was nothing funny. It’s not a subject to laugh at, no one wants to live with that. It was extremely embarrassing. »

An exercise “under control”, according to the school

Contacted by Lyon newsthe director of Idrac Lyon ensures that “all measures have been taken to ensure that the exercise is under control” and that “all young people have completed a health questionnaire and those who have presented a risk have been received and informed about the simulation.”

The editors were able to consult this questionnaire, which does not contain a history of traumatic episodes, to ensure that the young people have not been affected, directly or indirectly, by the same type of event.

As for choosing to believe in an attack, the director made no comment, simply referring to the service provider company that organized the drill and which “often intervenes in schools”. Still, she adds that the scene was “just five minutes” and the hooded people were “just two and not fifty”…

“We knew it was staged”

Another student, whose contact details were provided to us by the school, was interviewed by: Lyon news. He didn’t experience things the same way.

He claims to have understood that “it was a staging”. “We knew they wanted to rush us so we outdid ourselves a little bit. After going through other integration days, we were really aware of something that was changing. It was well done, so it could have been destabilizing, but that was the goal,” he concludes.

For its part, the school, which has submitted a satisfaction survey, confirms that after this day “97% of the students who responded were satisfied”. 30 responses have been received so far.

“Hostage, attacks, it happens to business leaders”

Also contacted by Lyon news, the service provider responsible for organizing the event explains its approach. “Our goal is to educate future managers by putting them in difficult situations so that they have the keys to respond to a threat when it arises,” said Jean-Charles Ogier of the company EO200.

“These kinds of events, hostage-taking, attacks, it happens to business leaders. It’s something that’s real and we’re here to give them answers,” he justifies, specifying that the scenario was chosen together with the school.

The rest of the day was interrupted by sporting challenges and other scenarios, much less brutal.

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