Leak at Chateaubriand school in Calais: students can go back on Monday

The diagnostics performed did not reveal anything alarming at the Chateaubriand school. The students, who were welcomed this week in the center of Coluche, can go back to school on Monday.

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The verdict, which the parents have been waiting for a long time, has arrived. Indeed, the discovery at the Chateaubriand School, after a leak, of a sub-ceiling whose composition was unknown had alarmed the educational community and caused the Chateaubriand School’s closure. A measure pending to know more. Now we know… and it’s reassuring. ” Today, the report of the analyzes carried out by the experts of Qualiconsult on the composition of the affected suspended ceiling and on the air quality is concluded with the total absence of harmful materials in the school. Mayor Natacha Bouchart said in a press release on Friday evening. She continues: “ In parallel, a full grid diagnosis was also carried out to ensure that the waterway would not cause any damage to the installations. The results are also negative.. »

Since Monday the children have had lessons in the Coluche center.  So they will leave it after a week.  SEBASTIEN JARRY ARCHIVE PHOTO
Since Monday the children have had lessons in the Coluche center. So they will leave it after a week. PHOTO SEBASTIEN JARRY ARCHIVES – VDNPQR

Result : the last days of this week are all about restoration, by the municipal services, of the school. ” After consultation with the National Office for Education, it has therefore been decided that all conditions have been met to reopen the Chateaubriand school from next Monday in order to be able to resume normal business at school. I would like to thank the municipal and national education services for their responsiveness and excellent cooperation. ‘Says the chosen one again. The recovery will therefore normally take place at school on Monday, much to the satisfaction, no doubt, of little Rose, a CM2 student who told us on Monday that she preferred her class!

School was closed for a week

Please note that due to the bad weather on the night of Thursday 8 to Friday 9 September, the Chateaubriand school, major water damage, which resulted in a collapse of the false ceiling, exposing a second false ceiling behind the first. This second lowered ceiling was not known to the city services. ” As the latter was severely affected by water ingress, the precautionary principle made it necessary to carry out additional investigations and analyzes before welcoming new students and staff. the mayor writes

The city of Calais, in collaboration with the national education services, has therefore taken the decision, which was urgently communicated on Sunday afternoon, to: an exceptional device. It is allowed to move for a week all 324 students and members of the Coluche Leisure Center teaching team to ensure classes run smoothly. The schoolchildren have been taken to the center by bus since Monday. This extraordinary situation will therefore have lasted a week.

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