Groupe ADF expands its boiler industry and inaugurates its welding school » Economic and political letter from PACA

ADF Group today inaugurated a new boiler building hall at its La Feuillane site in Fos-sur-Mer.

A High Added Value Boiler has been installed at this location since 2018. The new hall will be dedicated to the manufacture of sheet metal equipment mainly intended for the nuclear sector. The construction of this hall, which covers more than 800 m2, received the support of the metropolis of Aix Marseille and the territory of Istres Ouest Provence.

Ten jobs created

The expansion is accompanied by an increase in the workforce of approximately ten people, including boilermakers, welders, technicians and welding engineers.

Boiler-mounted, high-tech devices intended for the nuclear industry

The new hall allows Groupe ADF to increase the production capacity of the site by 30% and improve storage conditions in line with the requirements of its customers. This increase was made necessary by the ramp-up of the Hinkley Point EPR project and the visibility of the Sizewell EPR for which Groupe ADF has been working for several years. The devices produced, such as pressure vessels for nuclear power plants, will benefit from automated welding means.

After the construction of 80 tanks for the nuclear island of Flamanville EPR, ADF Group continues its collaboration with EDF by conducting studies, supplying and manufacturing 172 tanks and demineralizers for the 2 units of the Hinkley Point EPR in Great Britain. By extending this partnership, Groupe ADF and EDF have just signed a mutual commitment to duplicate the same contract for the Sizewell EPR.

Nuclear energy, a historical activity of ADF Group

Leaders in the nuclear sector have relied on Groupe ADF for 50 years for its proven technical expertise in welding, boilermaking, piping and rotating machinery, which are crucial elements in this highly demanding industry. From the construction of Gravelines in 1974 to the EPR2 in 2021, Groupe ADF has been involved in many projects for major players such as EDF, Orano, Technicatome, etc.

“The political situation and ecological emergency make nuclear power more necessary than ever. We are happy to increase our production at the service of this sector in complete reconfiguration. With this new hall, we can continue to serve our customers to help them meet the challenges that arise. adds Marc Eliayan, President of ADF Group.

On this occasion, the welding school of the ADF Group was inaugurated

To ensure that the best employees will bring all the expertise to its customers in the nuclear industry, Groupe has set up ADF, in collaboration with Pôle Emploi and the Institut de Soudure. a welding school in Rognac in the Bouches-du-Rhône. In combination with the “Trajectoire Gagnate vers les professions de l’industrie (TGMI)” training, this school is intended for anyone who wants to train in the welding profession. Prior knowledge of industrial professions is not required to participate in the course. The school is accessible to employees of ADF Group, but also to job seekers who are eligible for a technical position on industrial estates.

With this school, Groupe ADF aims to create “an initial training for the welding profession while ensuring the development of the skills of its teams” with training in specific welding techniques. After all, the goal is to recruit interns as soon as their internship ends. The first training, a pilot case, took place from February to July 2022. 4 out of 6 students, or 70% of the students, managed to complete the training and were hired on a permanent contract.

“Faced with the lack of welders, we have chosen to establish an in-house school that will allow us to broaden our research field to candidates for whom training in welding techniques is no longer a requirement. On the other hand, we apply strict criteria for behavioral and interpersonal skills, as well as a motivational assessment for the sector and for learning. » adds Patrice Amanatiou, Manager of the One Training Institute of ADF Group

About ADF Group

With 3,400 employees on 4 continents, Groupe ADF is a global player at the service of industrial performance. The company provides integrated solutions for designing, building and maintaining production or test facilities and has built its credo on performance improvement, team engagement and innovation. Groupe ADF is present in the mobility, energy, materials, technologies and health & wellbeing sectors. Groupe ADF relies on brands that are firmly rooted in their field: ADF, Latesys, G2Metric and Tournaire Equipement. In an industrial, economic and social world undergoing profound changes, ADF Group is convinced that only companies that cultivate the values ​​of respect and integrity of living organisms will be strong enough to meet the challenges that arise and develop sustainably .

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