BigCommerce innovates with bitcoin (BTC) and crypto payments

Fri 16 Sep 2022 ▪ 18:00 ▪
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BigCommerce, the Open SaaS ecommerce platform, now supports cryptocurrency payment solutions. It recently partnered with crypto app Bitpay and crypto payment gateway CoinPayment to create one-click integrations. These integrations allow more than 60,000 merchants to receive bitcoin and crypto payments. This dual partnership allows BigCommerce to have a wider crypto ecosystem. Traders will get new payment options, which will facilitate their development in new markets.

BigCommerce Integrates Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Payments

BigCommerce integrates bitcoin and crypto payments

Ecommerce giant BigCommerce is entering a new phase with the integration of bitcoin and crypto payments. According to the September 15 press release, it is partnering with Bitpay and CoinPayment. This collaboration aims to: create one-click integrations for over 60,000 merchants all over the world accept crypto payments. The ecommerce platform doesn’t intend to stop there. It plans to scale up similar partnerships to expand its crypto ecosystem.

Considering innovative payment solutions is good news for BigCommerce and its customers. Remember that this platform helps businesses set up their ecommerce stores with a touch of usability and the integrations of its partners. The platform has approximately 60,000 sellers worldwidecan all receive bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments.

Bigcommerce, Shopify’s rival is getting up to speed

The democratization of cryptos is a fact, companies that do not join it are being surpassed. To stay ahead of the curve, Shopify’s perennial rival has decided to focus on a new type of merchant. These are the crypto holders, who only give interest to stores that accept payments in digital currenciess. It is in this sense that Marc Ostryniecan executive at BigCommerce, admits that: “a new era of consumers are passionate about transacting using crypto, and we’re helping them do just that.”

The integrations of the two platform partners are aimed at all traders. To encourage them, the e-commerce giant is returning to the benefits of these payment solutions. In BigCommerce’s press release, the company is pushing for more visibility. With bitcoin and cryptos as alternative payment methods, we are targeting a wider customer base. The other benefits of this new infrastructure are cost. They will be lower and will reduce operating costs.

the partnership with Bitpay and CoinPayment will also help companies take control of their portfolios. In this way, they can easily reduce all the risks associated with false chargebacks. Stephen Pairthe CEO of Bitpay, knows that the beginning will not be easy and that traders need to be supported. “Accepting cryptocurrency can be daunting and complex with sometimes a learning curve (…) we partnered with BigCommerce to minimize the benefit for merchants to add crypto as a payment option alongside their existing payment methods with just a few clicks. », he specified.


Basically, BigCommerce’s ecommerce platform has only two partners in its bitcoin and crypto ecosystem. However, the e-commerce giant plans to expand its integrations by entering into new partnerships.

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