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After more than a year of work, the vegetable cooking school Comme une poule opens its doors in a brand new building in the Saint-Agne district of Toulouse. The target? Teach as many people as possible to make appetizers, pies, brunches, burgers and desserts without ingredients of animal origin.

Vincent Vialla and Marie Audo, the founders of the vegetable cooking school Comme une poule in Toulouse ©️ Marion Dunyach

It’s also back to school for the Comme une poule cooking school in Toulouse. Created in 2017 by Marie Audo and Vincent Vialla, the concept will inaugurate its first property in the Saint-Agne district of Toulouse in October. Indeed, after more than a year of work, the couple from Toulouse will offer to individuals every week vegetable cooking classes at his own school. On the menu: burgers, dishes to enjoy as an aperitif, Indian or Japanese specialties… All made up without animal products.

How are the vegetable cooking classes going?

For each training session, Marie Audo and Vincent receive Vialla up to six students. “It’s a matter of proximity, to take the time to explain things correctly and answer all questions,” emphasizes Vincent Vialla. The course starts with a presentation of the recipe, then the stoves are turned on for about three hours. With the added bonus of a tasting of the prepared dishes.

Comme une poule also offers online vegetable cooking classes, with a video conferencing system that facilitates interaction with students. ” De recipes are somewhat simplified when we are remote because not everyone has the equipment and ingredients that we provide at school,” explains Marie Audo.

Whether face-to-face or not, students always leave with a booklet they can use reproducing the prepared recipes, or their variations. “It is a popular medium, we get a lot of feedback from students who tell us that the booklet helps them to continue cooking at home”, Vincent Vialla is delighted.

Black bean burger Comme une poule Toulouse vegetable cooking school
Learn how to cook a burger without animal products ©️ Marie Audo

Vegetable kitchen in short circuit and in season

Far from the clichés of vegetable cooking, Comme une poule does not only offer recipes based on wheat or quinoa. “The students make everyday dishes, such as burgers, brunches or aperitifs. They are prepared with ingredients easy to find in townat manufacturers or in specialized stores,” says Marie Audo.

Whether for their fridge or for the school’s, the couple pick the fruit and vegetables themselves at Midi Cueillette, in Portet-sur-Garonne, or buy them directly from the producer, on the Borde Bio farm, in the Izards district of Toulouse. “This mode of consumption also allows us to only cook seasonal products Vincent Vialla continues. Indeed, the recipes are adapted every three months according to the seasonal influences of the ingredients. “Of course there are those that are harder to find in local stores, like Indian spices or mustard oil for example,” admits Marie Audo.

Vegans behind the stoves

Before embarking on the Comme une poule adventure, Vincent Vialla was a manager and trainer in the computer industry. Marie Audo graduated with a master’s degree in educational science. So the couple had enough skills to envision their own training center.

All that remained was to find a common project. He turned to them hobby: food. But in any case not. The couple has been vegan for almost ten years. “At that time, this way of life was quite ridiculed. Over the years, more and more people around us said, “I would like to change my consumption habits, but I don’t know how”. We had been there and we knew how to pass on our knowledge. So the idea of ​​creating a plant-based cooking school naturally came to us,” explains Marie Audo. But before claiming to be chefs, Toulouse residents have taken courses in cooking and plant-based pastries themselves alongside specialist chefs such as Olivier Picard and Linda Vongdara.

strawberry pie pastry
In addition to cooking lessons, Comme une poule provides training in vegetable pastries ©️Marie Audo

Chefs & Pastry Chefs in Toulouse

In addition to vegetable cooking classes, Comme une poule also offers patisserie based on plants. Exit cream, eggs, honey, butter and milk. The couple also only uses products that do not involve animal exploitation. However, the students easily make pies, mousses or even fruit pies.

“Recently we realized that we are also confectioners”, Vincent Vialla jokes. Indeed, the couple runs a second company, “Dynamite”, which came about after a minor misunderstanding. “When we started our school project and followed a pastry training course, some of our relatives told us birthday cakes ordered, then a friend asked us to sell pastries at a Christmas stall… Through word of mouth, we got more and more requests for pastries. However, it was not our project at all”, the founder is still surprised. “One day, the owner of the Virgule coffee shop near the Capitole offered us to make all his pastries,” he continues. This event prompts him to create a new company to separate their activities as trainers and pastry chefs. Today Dynamite also supplies the Utopia bistro in Borderouge and the Campillo coffee shop.

Vegetable cooking courses for hospitality professionals

In addition to private individuals, Marie Audo and Vincent Vialla also train hospitality professionals. “We have a number of customers who decide to change their map orientation, others settle and want to improve their plant-based cooking skills, like the buyers of the Natura coffee shop, which will reopen in the Compans-Caffarelli district from the end of September,” explains Marie Audo.

Whether for chefs or amateurs, since last week class reservations for the coming school year are open on the Comme une poule website. The first vegetable cooking class, which will take place on Saturday 15 October, has already been completed. But there are already new dates available up to month from Dec. In particular, to banish foie gras and learn how to prepare good holiday meals.

The inhabitants of Toulouse will also be present at the Vegan Place event that will bring together the national actors of veganism on Saturday, September 17 on the prairie of filters in Toulouse.

Practical information: Comme une poule, 3 rue Massenet, Toulouse. Online reservations.

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