Six Online Business Ideas to Start When You Retire

Getting started in e-commerce
This is the easiest option to set. Especially as a senior: open a webshop, an e-commerce site. The most complicated part of this story? Find the products you can sell!

The range of possibilities is huge: it ranges from simple printed t-shirts to specific products for seniors or the elderly… If you are creative or “good with your hands” (making cabinets, sewing, photos, etc.), you are you can also try marketing your own creations. Sites like Etsy let you sell your handmade items.

You can also try to buy and resell collectibles, second-hand goods, or small antiques. This, depending on your knowledge and/or your passions. The idea: buy cheap and sell with a good margin. The business babe.

Become an independent advisor
This has been around for a few years. The idea? Become an independent consultant. An ideal job for a retiree who can put his years of experience to good use in his old job. This allows you to work according to your wishes and at your own pace. With many customers or with only a few carefully selected companies.

In any case, know that keeping track of your contracts is essential! “Paper” often remains the rule in this business universe. It is good to digitize them so that they can be safely stored and shared.

If you want to learn how to do this, you can start the process here. In addition, it is advisable to consult a lawyer who will give you detailed explanations about the various processes and things you need to know.

Start a blog or YouTube channel
If you have the “communicating” fiber here, it’s a good idea to set up “small business”. Seniors have indeed been popular on Youtube, on Instagram or even on Tiktok for a few years now!

More and more of them start, some offer recipes, others are more focused on mechanics, still others become models or develop a channel specializing in history, philately or geopolitics.

The community of seniors on these social networks is growing and reaching different audiences: both their peers and younger internet users, who are often won over by the feedback from seniors on many topics.

Become an ebook author
If you love writing and editing, why not become an author or editor on the topics that are close to your heart? Indeed, there are many ways to make money as a writer these days. And if you want to self-publish your eBook, all you need is a word processor and a PDF converter.

And don’t think it’s impossible to sell your eBooks! If you have a great idea, a theme that you’ve mastered perfectly, and you also have an active community that you participate in, that could be enough to make a few sales.

You can then work on different communication channels. For example, by making a number of reading pages available for free on a trial basis. Then all you have to do is send emails to promote your book.

However, you need to make sure that you choose a good autoresponder service and get permission from everyone you include on your list. Something you can easily do on a platform like SendInBlue or MailChimp.

Another option is to buy address books from specialized companies. They have files and can send emails on your behalf. On the other hand, keep in mind that they charge a fixed amount per email, but that they can generally guarantee a certain number of visitors or customers.

Become a career or life coach
Today, many people are looking for experts who can do career or life coaching. It’s very trendy.

So if you have had success in your field of work over your long career and if you think you have the skills to pass on your knowledge or advise your colleagues then this is a business idea to consider.

Again, you can organize yourself as you see fit, according to your schedule and much of the work is done online, especially via video appointments.

Become an online tutor
Becoming an online tutor is another great option for a retiree with expertise. If you’re good at a language or are bilingual, it’s very easy to gain advance certification to teach languages ​​by passing various tests, such as the TOEIC for English. From there you can create a personal website where you can book appointments and/or join a tutoring organization.

So here are a few things to think about. But this list is of course not exhaustive. There are, of course, many online business opportunities. It’s just a matter of finding the right one. And get on with it. Good luck.

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