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Freedom, equality, fraternity. On August 9, 2022, the plaque with the republican motto was affixed to the facade of the new Anne Sylvestre school group in Ivry-Port. Three valuable terms that recall the essential mission of schools and, in this case, mark the end point of this project.

Since the decentralization laws of 1983, municipalities have been responsible for the construction and maintenance of nursery and primary schools.. National Education pays the teachers and prepares the programs. For cities, the burden of education is far from negligible. In 2021, within Ivry’s municipal budget, it represents the first item of operational expenditure with €26.5 million and the third item of capital expenditure with €2.8 million.

Ivry is a former industrial city in full transformation that is restructuring or building schools to welcome the children of newcomers: Anne Sylvestre, Anton Makarenko, Rosalind Franklin… We are already working on the future school in the Gagarin-Truilot sectorexplains Dominique Montet, deputy director general of the city’s Education Department. One of the tasks of the municipal education service is to plan the school population. That is not always easy because we anticipate the deliveries of housing while the academic inspectorate counts the students if they are already registered. Class openings are sometimes decided on the first day of school, which is far from comfortable. »

Beyond the building, the school – then the college and high school – are symbolic fences where tomorrow’s citizens are connected with their families.. Beings who are able to think for themselves, freed from all forms of influence, and where they learn to socialize. To that end, the founding laws stipulate that public education is compulsory and free. In fact, schooling represents a cost, especially school supplies. Few municipalities support them, except Ivry, which has been offering a pouch to all primary school students for over 30 years. Recognizing the importance of education, the municipality also finances school projects, discovery lessons, partnerships with the municipal services for culture and sports…

Bet on education

The task of teachers is great and heavy. Despite their efforts to ensure continuity of education during the 2020 health crisis, distance learning courses revealed educational inequalities linked to social inequalities. However, as the famous pedagogue Philippe Meirieu demonstrates in his latest opus What school can still do for democracy (ed. Otherwise 2020), you must use the ” great risk of parenting “: ” Education is working with “living stones” according to the beautiful expression of Rabelais. In other words, it’s an adventure, a risk, a bet. […] We must commit to education to ward off the explosion of individualism and the war of clans. […] We must bet on education to reveal to our children the deceit of all flute players, commercial and religious, who want to place them under guardianship. We must bet on education to fight against careless selfishness and fight deadly fanaticism… In short, we must bet that education “can still do something” to help us on the road to democracy. “We desperately need it.

File produced by Philippe Gril, Catherine Mercadier and Sylvie Moisy

Summer work at schools

€768,000, it is the cost of work started this summer in public kindergartens and primary schools. In total, over the year, between €1 million and €1.5 million assigned to work in schools.
This summer 9 schools have undergone major maintenance and renovations (repair of gutters, games, hot water network, computer cabling).

Among the projects:

Makarenko School: replacement of suspended ceilings and lighting fixtures in building A and floors in building B (€ 172,000).
– Kindergarten MauriceThorez : repair of the terrace on the 1st floor (€165,000).
Solomon School: repair of the heating network and replacement of radiators (€ 171,000).
Repairs to the schoolyard are carried out every two years. Average cost: 150 000 € up to 200,000 €.
– Every summer all schools are thoroughly cleaned by municipal maintenance personnel. Floors, walls, doors, furniture, but also toys, cuddly toys, books, teaching materials… everything is bricked.
– 286 municipal agents are deployed per year for cleaning. During the summer, 10 seasonal workers are recruited as reinforcements to move the furniture because the classrooms are completely empty to be washed.

Consult the complete file about the start of the 2022 school year published in the newspaper Ivry my city from September

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