The Metavers a new field of artistic expression

Dominique Boutonnat, president of the CNC, has appointed Jean-Michel Jarre as chairman of the new commission “immersive creation” and calls on the sector to invest the Metavers as a new field of artistic expression.

Metaverses and other shared immersive experiences are the next wave of digital interaction. These immersive experiences include metaverses, rich, sustained, and shared interactive experiences involving collaboration and co-creation, as well as fully featured shared economies and other experiences focused on shopping, learning, gaming and gaming, education, remote meetings, cultural experiences, and more. Now is the time for companies to “prepare for the metaverse”. Being ready for the metaverse requires a commitment to democratizing everything from content creation to travel development and delivery.

The winners are the smart companies that need to embrace 3D and immersive content creation. It will help them prepare for tomorrow’s immersive experiences and make their product design, marketing and e-commerce workflows cheaper, faster and better today. Virtual creations and goods, from art to clothing and accessories, will be an important part of shared immersive experiences. Making sure their authenticity is essential

This committee, endowed with €3.6 million per year, has just been created with the aim of stimulating the emergence of creative, ambitious and internationally oriented immersive works. This new fund will replace the “Digital Experiences Fund” and “Dicréam” systems, with the aim of accelerating the structuring of this ecosystem, currently driven by the development of Metavers, which indicates primarily the process of immersive use platforming and offers unprecedented opportunities. The committee consists of two lectures: one focusing on writing and development issues and the second on financing production and distribution. It will choose to guide works according to their artistic quality, their technical mastery and their potential for distribution, especially internationally.

Call for projects

The CNC is launching an exceptional call for projects for an additional €400,000 entitled “Porting and adaptation of immersive works”, to adapt older immersive works to the most recent technologies and thus make them widely accessible again. . A single selection session will identify the selected projects in the autumn. As a reminder, the CNC has been supporting immersive creation since the appearance of the first virtual reality projects in 2014. Each year, approximately 100 new immersive projects have been supported, as well as technical projects for the production or distribution of works. This strong support has played a decisive role in the emergence of a new creative and innovative sector, emerging from video games, audiovisual and digital arts, which is at the forefront of technologies and applications.

What is an immersive experience?

An immersive experience takes you into a digitally created world, often in three dimensions. Many shared immersive experiences allow you to manipulate and interact with virtual objects and with other visitors. While there is a lot of hype and discussion about the Metaverse, Adobe believes on this topic that there will be not only many Metaverses, but many other types of shared immersive experiences as well. Some immersive experiences are delivered in virtual reality and completely envelop the visitor. Others will be delivered in augmented reality and will combine virtual experiences and the physical world. Still others will be delivered via the web and other platforms.

Metaverses are a unique type of immersive, persistent, and shared experience. They present a huge virtual world where you can interact with other people who are miles away from you. Metaverse economies are also alive, persistent and shared. Metaverses and shared immersive experiences enable entirely new forms of collaboration and co-creation, opening new ways for brands and customers to interact.

Digital art and virtual goods will play an important role in some immersive experiences, allowing people to express their personality and sensibility in this new space. In addition, the Metaverse will reinvent texture and tactile experiences for visitors. The growing digital asset market represents an important new opportunity for members of the creative economy.

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