The government relaunches the gender war at school

Reviving the controversy sparked in 2014 by the ‘ABCDs of Equality’, the Ministry of National Education is launching another large-scale operation to fight gender stereotypes and discrimination in schools. The news is already causing great concern.

The executive is aware that it is preparing to restart a war. According to information from France Inter, negotiations are underway to continue the fight against gender stereotypes in schools. The case has been going on since the Minister of National Education Pap Ndiaye recently met with Isabelle Rome, the minister’s deputy in charge of equality between women and men, to prepare the site. Multiple meetings “associated with Matignon” took place and should take place in late September or early October, France Inter reveals.

serious concerns

“Boys are too often raised in an ideal of strength, of masculinity, while we still associate girls with gentleness or submission”explains to the same media a ministerial adviser to justify this political agenda.

Extreme caution is already required to avoid blowing on the still poorly extinguished embers of the affair of the “ABCD of Equality”. This device, tested in 2013-2014 in ten academies, from the big kindergarten to CM2, had caused a huge bronca, so far that the boycott of parents of students made scandalous that the school wanted to deconstruct male and female stereotypes. “We’d rather not talk about “gender stereotypes,” Pap Ndiaye’s team explains at Figaro. This is not the correct axis and it would reduce. The topic is equality between women and men, sex education and the fight against sexual and gender-based violence. »

This is not enough to reassure. The terms with strong ideological connotations used to describe the theme of the said meetings are already reviving our concerns.” is alarmed Ludovine de la Rochère on behalf of the Manif pour Tous, which was very involved in the 2014 school fight.

Genre: a special theme song and webinar

On the occasion of the release of our new special edition Christian Family, male/female, gender confusion, coming out on October 7, join our online conference Tuesday, October 11, 2022 at 8.30 p.m..
An exceptional evening organized by Pauline Quillon, journalist of the Famille Chrétienne, in the presence of Michel Boyancé, philosopher and Pascale Morinière, president of the AFC and doctor.
They will provide us with opportunities for reflection to respond to philosophy’s destruction of sexual identity, and educational opportunities.

The government goes further than for the ABCD of equality »

The official discourse is much like that of the Vincent Peillon era to defend the “ABDs of equality”. If it’s just a milestone, it’s still there. The former education minister stated during the crisis in 2014: “Never has a teacher imagined that he would deny differences if he learns respect for differences and for this fundamental difference between girls and boys. […] By recognizing the biological difference, we nevertheless want there to be equality between women and men in society, especially in career choices.”
From now on, the rue de Grenelle no longer evokes equality between men and women, but also the“sex education and the fight against sexual and gender-based violence”concepts that can perfectly encompass the fight against the famous “LGBT phobias”… in other words, against gender stereotypes.

The new Minister of Education Pap Ndiaye does not hide it himself. At his back-to-school press conference on August 26, he had identified one of the priorities he’s fighting for“equal opportunities”including ” gender equality” but also the fight against “racism, anti-Semitism and LGBT phobias”.

At this point, he does not make a major breakthrough with his predecessor Jean-Michel Blanquer. The latter had even given its name to a controversial circular in 2021 to promote the respect and integration of transgender students in schools.

A meeting between Pap Ndiaye and the Manif pour Tous?

Will this new National Education Offensive go so far as to put it into practice this time around? Or will it experience the same defeat as the ABCDs of equality, which were eventually abandoned in the face of the wave of revolts? “The off-the-record nature of communicating with journalists is not the right method for these sensitive issues. On the contrary, transparency and dialogue are needed. It is this way of achieving what we are proposing to the government.” claims Ludovine de La Rochere. The strike for everyone on September 9 requested a meeting with Pap Ndiaye and Isabelle Rome.

Whatever the outcome of this affair, the decisions of the rue de Grenelle will remain only the fruit and the reflection of a long process of cultural habituation carried out with patience by certain LGBT movements whose list of demands has evolved lengthens over time. Today, a video from the social media Konbini is making headlines, featuring a teen in elf costume, piercings and multicolored hair, named Delphi, claiming “do not identify with the human race”. When is the circular to defend the fairies in the playgrounds?

Camille Lecuit

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