Sports at school: a football sports department that works very well at the Réeberg Néron college

More and more students with a passion for sports want to join a sports section at the university in order to combine study and training. In Rémire-Montjoly, the sports section dedicated to football at the Réeberg Néron college fills up every year. These high school students, 39 for the start of the 2022 school year, are getting a taste for both their sports and their studies.

Currently, in Guyana, figures for the start of the 2022 school year, there are 34 sports departments spread over the various colleges of the area, said Didier Rigottard, inspector of the regional pedagogical academy. These classes include 837 students, including 438 boys and 399 girls.. Football, futsal, handball, rugby, basketball, athletics, horse riding, sailing or even gym, the disciplines practiced with a few hours of training are doubled or even tripled for practitioners.

At the Réeberg Néron college located in the Rep+ zone, we welcome 680 students this year. For the director, Jean-Pierre Octavia, it is a manageable teaching staff workforce consisting of 43 teachers:

“We have a sports department with a much broader recruitment than our sector, the students come from all over. But they are selected, they have to be good at football and school. Groups 6 and 5 have about twenty students and groups 4 and 3 have about fifteen students. They start from the 6th and continue until the 3rd…”

Jean-Pierre Octavia, director of the Reeberg Néron college

For the football class this school year 2022, a stay in January 2023 at the Football Club of Nantes is planned for 12 U13 students and their supervisors. This is a financial investment for which the foundation appeals to sponsors. The college has developed numerous partnerships with various professional clubs, but locally the most important partner is the Loyola club. Regular meetings are organized with him during the holidays.

Generation 2010 football section year 2021-22

©Mikael Hamon

After the 3e students who wish to continue must enroll in a secondary school in the West Indies or mainland France that has a football section, as there is none in Guyana. Every year 5 or 6 of these young footballers try their luck at a different academy. In Guadeloupe there is a center of excellence where the best elements of the Antilles-Guyana are grouped.

Mikael Hamon, LO professor, supervised the sports section in 2014 at the request of the director. A section that was created in 2008 and that really took off after 2011.

“…This class is in high demand…we hire between 12 and 10 students per generation. 10 were integrated into 6 . this yeare. For the Rémire-Montjoly pelvis alone, this is not much… there is a large selection that is established both at the level of the athlete and at school, as well as the behavior to make it work…”

The teacher points out that these students agree to do more than the others in sport and that they must learn to organize themselves in order to achieve the objectives. the 6e have 4 hours more to add to their schedule, twice 2 hours section, so they have fewer hours of service and have to do their homework. Here too, parental support plays a major role.

At the end of the 5ethe best of the section that often also plays in the Guyana roster integrate the section of the sports excellence pole which is located at the Holder college in Cayenne.

Generation 2009 sports section football school year 2021-22

Generation 2009 sports section football school year 2021-22

©Mikael Hamon

If these kids have to invest more than the others, they have other rewarding experiences as well. In 2019, U 11-12s completed 10 days of training at FC Nantes to discover high level reality:

“We shared common training sessions, played matches, the children visited the facilities, the Baugeoire stadium, saw a match. 10 days in a professional structure so that they see what a professional club is and what it takes, presence, respect for schedules, rigor in clothing, respect for the institution … So many elements that show them all the effort that must be made to make professional football integrate… Many sacrifices of 12, 13 years!”

Some guys have managed to get noticed and join clubs in France. Currently, some of these guys are followed by FC Nantes and Dijon.

In general, the students are doing well. However, last year three of them had to be banned from the football section because while they were very good footballers who played in the Guyana roster, they did not monitor their behavior and school results.

Reeberg Néron brings together the best players from ULSLMontjoly, AS Rémire, Loyola. Cooperation is essential with the clubs, the football league to move forward in synergy. Although the recruitment can also come from the municipalities of Matoury, Macouria or Cayenne.

Mikael Hamon hopes a high school soccer class will soon be established to prevent an early exodus for these young athletes.

In this college it is also a question of culture as there is a choral section and even a European section for the 4e and 3e with an emphasis on English in preparation for integration into the American section of Lycée Melkior et Garré or the European section of Lycée Lama-Prévot. These students take a reinforced subject in English, this year specify the major, the physics and mathematics subjects will be in the language of Shakespeare.

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