From family business to detox… who is the irresistible Osama Khedam, the performer of Gagan in the new Netflix series

Discreetly launched on September 1, Détox, Netflix’s latest little French comedy is ​​a highly successful series. If Tiphaine Daviot and Manon Azem are impeccable, as are the entire cast, from the seconds to the smallest roles (like Gary Mihaileanu fromAlice Nevers, perfect as an organizer of clandestine rabbit races), Osama Keddham, who plays Gagan, the benevolent, kind and patient grocer in the street, is another pleasant surprise in the series. An actor can be seen in Family business, The Grand Bazaar and Sophie Crosswhose season 2 has just started shooting.

If he hadn’t been an actor, Osama Kheddam would…

… educator! Before taking acting classes, Osama Kheddam, who grew up in the suburbs of Lyon, liked to interact with young people. “I was a facilitator, supervisor, teaching assistant in a zep [zone d’éducation prioritaire, ndlr]. I would pass on my appreciation of the achievements to become a CPE or mediator at the MJC of Villeurbanne, but I went to Paris,” he explains. “In my small bedroom, above my bed, I had a picture of my family and another of… “my youths”. If I hadn’t been an actor, I would have worked in the social field without hesitation, in touch with the youth of my city, because it’s a real passion.”

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Oussama Kheddam soon in César Wagner on France 2!

If he’s as likable as his character in detoxify and seems quite balanced, Osama Kheddam admit that they are … hypochondriac ++. “I’m super happy, he said with a laugh. But even though I still wash my hands a lot and worry about a lot of things, I think the Covid has done me good. I thought it would be an abomination to me and in reality not at all! I was, of course, one of those people who, at least in the beginning, when I got home, I completely undressed and sanitized myself. I even disinfected my vegetables, he confides, still amused. But it helped and relaxed me in the end. But when people talk about illness in front of me, I start to sweat, I don’t feel well. But it’s getting better.” Osama Kheddam should give advice to César Wagner, the most hypochondriac cop on the small screen played by Gil Alma in France 2’s series of the same name.

A digital detox: on the way or not?

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the pitch of detoxify ? Two cousins ​​embarking on a digital detox. Normal to ask Gagan’s interpreter if he’d already tried to make one. “I’ve tried a little bit, but no, I can’t. On the other hand, once I have company, I know how to put my cell phone down and worry no more.’ Or Osama Kheddam doesn’t see the hand-grafted wearable, however, there are apps it couldn’t live without. “All the music apps! And the phone book because I don’t learn all the phone numbers, the GPS to find my way around, and the internet because it’s also very practical. to have the answers to the questions we ask.”

Oussama Kheddam, a flirty quiche!

As in detoxify, Gagan is a past master of the art of flirting and goes on Tinder dates, this is not the case at all for his interpreter. “I’m really bad at flirting. It’s unbelievable. I can’t approach a woman on a cafe terrace. I’m very shy, I don’t dare, I’m scared, I stutter… [Il rit.] I am the man who laughs, is ashamed and leaves. That’s me ! I don’t have any dating apps because I love it when everything just happens without you noticing. And we suddenly say that to ourselves “but there’s something going on.” For me there is nothing better. It’s kind of what happens to Gagan with Léa.”

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The scene of detoxify what he prefers

funny scenes, detoxify In abundance. When Manon ducks into the cheese pit for an ad for the cordon-bleu, when the nephew places an order with a customer at the supermarket, when Léa storms into Gagan wearing a world map dress… , there’s the fart scene in the final episode. “We’re not going to lie to each other, the fart scene is amazing. It was so funny, he remembers laughing. HASWe had a lot of laughs with Tiphaine Daviot. Because in this series you have to pay attention to the face she makes. It is awesome.”

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