Craig Wright vs Holdonaut, the crypto community has passed its verdict!

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Craig Wright is no Satoshi. This is what many believe bitcoin and personalities such as Binance’s CZ, Peter McCormack, and Twitter influencer Hodlonaut. Wright had no intention of losing face so easily and filed lawsuits against his critics. Since yesterday, a long legal marathon has started in Olso (Norway) in which Judge Helen Engebrigtsen will have to decide the case between Hodlonaut and the fake Satoshi. An event that is not lacking in interest in the eyes of the crypto community.

Hodlonaut vs Craig Wright, ongoing lawsuit in Norway

Yesterday, September 12, marked the start of the lawsuit between Hodlonaut, the Twitter influencer, and Craig Wright, the Australian developer posing as Satoshi. A libel surrounding tweets posted by Hodlonaut in 2019 is believed to be behind the lawsuit. At the time, the man known as Magnus Granath was followed by 8,000 followers on the social network Bluebird, named Wright ” scammer and scammer “.

During their statements, Hodlonaut’s lawyers returned to the legend of Satoshi Nakamoto and to the history of Wright’s claims that he is the father of Bitcoin. According to them, this is a falsification of documents and evidence.

Evidence was also presented to Judge Helen Engebrigtsen. They were said to be related to disputes between Craig Wright and his former partner Dave Kleiman, who was the subject of a lawsuit in 2021. And then Holdonaut’s lawyers took the opportunity to discuss documents related to previous disputes with the Australian tax authorities. in 2015 .

On the other hand, there was a complaint regarding a hashtag made by Holdonaut from March 2019, which had caused ” serious damage to the reputation of [Wright] His feelings were reportedly influenced by the hashtag #CraigWrightIsAFraud.

At the end of the process, which will take 7 days, we will know which of the two is wrong. But if Holdonaut wins, Craig Wright could bid farewell to his long-awaited compensation since their trial opened in the UK.

A wave of support for Hodlonaut

Knowing about the stakes in this case, Holdonaut already appealed for the support of crypto enthusiasts on Twitter in August.

Dear Bitcoin,

I need your help to end a fight that started in March 2019. »

He who hoped to remain anonymous behind his Twitter account was sadly discovered. It took bounty hunters and private detectives to uncover the identity of this London teacher named Magnus Granath. Wright’s defenders went so far as to award whistleblowers $5,000 in April 2019. Days later, Hodlonaut was eliminated.

But like the bitcoin are not the insensitive type, Hodlonaut was heard. A fundraiser was organized to support his cause. About 2,500 donors have already contributed, according to Coindesk. Their contribution was valued at 70.7 BTC, or $1.5 million, yesterday.

the wrath of believers against Craig Wright will not stop there. Indeed, many of them are active and do not hesitate to make donations in cryptocurrency and fiat.

Such is the case with Noderunners who organized a donation campaign entitled “ Heat for Hodlonaut (Heat for Hodlonaut)!


Some Noderunners are selling their peppers to support Hodlonaut in his fight to defend Bitcoin. Support the fight by buying some peppers.

All product sales on this page are donated to support @hodlonaut in their fight against neptoshi. Dear friends, be generous, because we all need each other. »

We also hear the same sounds on Defending BTC. To clarify, this platform is for community fundraising campaigns for legal fees and freedom support.

Craig Wright, a usurper?

Craig Wright always said he was Satoshi Nakamoto. Unfortunately for him, enthusiasts flatly deny this claim. Some of them had even gone so far as to ironize or openly criticize him on social networks.

Such is the case of podcaster Peter McCormack who called it ” liar and fraudster Wright was very sensitive to such defamation in 2019 and also filed a lawsuit against him in a British court. Except he didn’t win.

Even CZ doesn’t recognize Wright as Satoshi. Here’s what Binance’s CEO tweeted in April 2019:

Craig Wright is an impostor… the real Satoshi can digitally sign any message to prove it. It’s as simple as breathing for him/her. And we have the public key. Until then, everyone is Satoshi, except Craig Wright! »

It should be noted, however, that Craig Wright is not new to the courts. He already has $54 billion in BTC in his pocket after a dispute with his former business partner. He also won from podcaster Peter McCormack without receiving more than a pound sterling after the judge’s ruling. For this case against Hodlonaut, many hope that he will not win a victory. Since the Twitter influencer has a lot of people behind his back, we hope he comes out unscathed. And may this mimic happen, Mr. Wright!

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