Roblox rolls out voice chat, hi-fi avatars and age recommendations

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Roblox said it is rolling out voice chat for people 13 and older on its user-generated content platform.

The company believes in creating meaningful connections for its players and so hopes that the communication on Roblox will reflect all the ways we communicate in the real world. The company made the announcement during its Roblox Developer Conference (RDC) event.

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Chat now allows users to interact by talking to others in experiences. Players can communicate with their voice just as naturally on Roblox as they can in the physical world, the company said. That’s a pretty big technological feat considering Roblox has 52.2 million daily active users.

Roblox will keep its text chat for kids under 13 and filters for kids. The new voice chat allows 13+ age-verified users to have fewer chat filters so they can interact more freely with their friends.

Users over the age of 13 now make up more than half of the Roblox community and nearly half are women. The fastest growing demographic is 17-24 years old, male and female

Find friends

The life of mermaids in Roblox.

Later this year, Contact Import will help more than 13 users find others by the name they have saved in their contacts.

And the company is announcing several innovative RDC features that will increase the expressiveness of avatars on Roblox.

On Roblox, your avatar is your identity. Avatars now have a high-fidelity human simulation that allows people to express their individuality and connect more meaningfully with friends on Roblox. Avatar heads will be expressive and emotional so that users can smile and wink.

Soon, Roblox will chat with others using your avatar, allowing people to have real-time voice communication in experiences, with their camera animating their avatar in the experience so that the avatar expresses their facial expressions while talking.

Roblox recently rolled out Animation Creator for Emotes and Animation Creator for Faces betas in Studio. The Animation Creator for Emotes is a new solution for creating custom full body animations in Studio. Animation Creator for Faces allows users to create and save unique expressions on the timeline to more easily animate an avatar head.

On the ground floor, the company markets facial animation. For Studio, Roblox said it has significantly improved the experience for developers and creators, with an update to its free development studio.

Growing User Communities

Roblox Community Room.

Roblox provides a platform that helps connect creator content to a huge global audience. As this global audience continues to grow and diversify, it’s important to have more ways to find experiences and user-created items that the audience will love.

The vision is to have a personalized discovery system that will disseminate the most relevant content to the audience it serves.

As the audience grows, Roblox is introducing age recommendations, called experience guidelines, so that all users can make informed decisions about the content they interact with.

The Experience Guidelines give creators the freedom to create great experiences that reach the right age-appropriate audience. These age recommendations are based on the mission of connecting a billion people with optimism and civility.

The company said it wants the experience guidelines to be helpful to users and parents. These age recommendations are based on child development research and industry standards.

Based on these age recommendations, parents can use new parental controls that restrict access to accounts through age recommendations, to ultimately decide and manage what is appropriate (i.e. playable and recommended) for their children.

Monetize developers, creators and brands

roblox knossos palace
Roblox Palace of Knossos.

Roblox also extends monetization for all developers, creators and brands. Immersive ads engage native ads in Roblox experiences that help brands and developers reach their audiences across the metaverse at scale in fun, relevant, and secure ways.

Roblox said these immersive ads will give brands another way to be relevant in the metaverse. Brands and developers can reach and influence their audience.

Roblox gives brands and developers the tools to facilitate relationships and set terms and prices appropriate for their partnership. Developers will manage and earn immersive ads

First, it starts with immersive image ads, which are static 3D images in experiences and portal ads that help users discover them and transport them to other experiences on Roblox. By the end of the year, Roblox will be testing with developers and a handful of advertisers.

Before the second half of 2023, Roblox will be fully launched and available to developers and advertisers. The market vision will be completely UGC with healthy market dynamics reflecting the real world driven by scarcity where every creator can earn and build a successful business and users can discover, buy, sell and trade a market tailored to them. .

In addition to assuming a full UGC market, the vision for this market is to have healthy market dynamics driven by scarcity, with all items limited and the secondary market open.

The company said it is building on that momentum by adding new mechanisms and community opportunities to build successful businesses. Creators are given the opportunity to earn a share of revenue from the first sale, as well as any resale and trades.

Users will be able to discover the items they like and will also be able to buy, sell and trade on the marketplace adapted to them. About 2.7 million creators won Robux in June and the community made $538.3 million in 2021.

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