no price increase in the schools of Toulouse, nor in the colleges of Haute-Garonne

In Toulouse, Colomiers or even in the colleges of Haut-Garonne, the prices of school canteens will not increase at the beginning of the school year. Many municipalities and the provincial government have chosen not to pass on the rise in food prices. Explanation.

With an average inflation rate of 6.1% in July over a year according to INSEE, this increase in food prices is much greater. For several months, collective catering companies have been warning: ‘Preparing meals for school children is costing them more and more’.

A request for a 7% increase

Faced with such inflation, the National Union of Collective Catering asked on franceinfo on Wednesday, August 24 for an average 7% increase in town halls.

“We see an increase of about 10% in the prices of raw materials, ie vegetables and meat, with which the 100,000 cantiniers in France make meals for children every day”, reports Anne-Laure Desclèves, spokesperson for the National Union for Collective Catering (SNRC). Some products such as pasta, minced meat or oil is flambé.

No increase in the colleges of Haute-Garonne

But for college students in Haute-Garonne, families won’t be affected by these school canteen price increases. The provincial government confirms that the price of the meal in 2022 will remain at 3.5 euros per student, while it actually costs 8 euros. Faced with the crisis context, the community decided to go even further.

The catering aid for low-income families is being expanded. The thresholds of family quotients entitling them to free canteen costs will be raised. Some households that paid only 50% last year can benefit from free access in 2022/2023.

For example, 500 extra students could benefit from the total exemption from catering costs.

Municipalities refuse, Toulouse does not shift its prices at the beginning of the school year

On the side of the congregations, many also choose to help families. A large majority decided not to pass on this price increase at the start of the school year next week. HAS In Toulouse, for example, the price list for meals for children would remain unchanged.

The price of school canteens will therefore not rise in Toulousesaid Mayor Jean-Luc Moudenc Wednesday, August 24 during a press conference at the school of Patte-d’Oie.

The price of the canteen in Toulouse does not change. We are confronted with the increases at our suppliers, but we do not pass them on to the families.

Jean-Luc Moudenc, Mayor of Toulouse

Prices have not changed since 2015”, recalls Marion Lalane de Laubadère, Deputy Mayor in charge of Education. And “no question of cropping“on children’s portions.”Anyway, they are standardized on the quantity. There is also no change in the quality of the dishes offered. Yes, there are additional costs, but we will include them while we can“.

The price of the meal in Toulouse varies from 1 to 6.60 euros, depending on the family composition and income.

No price increase in Colomiers either

Same position for the city of Colomiers. Reached by phone, city services confirm that there will be no increase in the price of children’s meals before the start of the 2022 school year.

Users are already experiencing significant price increases in their daily lives. There are no consequences for the price of school canteens in the municipality. And it is also excluded that there is a deterioration of the service. We will continue to maintain our organic and quality sectors.

Karine Traval-Michelet, Mayor of Colomiers

An additional cost of 300,000 euros for Colomiers

The annual budget for the purchase of food for the city is 1.8 million euros this year, compared to 1.5 million euros in previous years for 4,600 meals distributed every day (schools, EHPAD, crèches and home delivery). That is an additional cost of 300,000 euros for the municipality, which it will include in its annual budget.

But the price hikes keep coming. “Before the summer, we saw a 15% price increase for food purchases, but today we are at 23%”, says Karine Traval-Michelet, Mayor of Colomiers. This has a major impact on municipal budgets. Especially those who have no direct control and a central kitchen.

Ongoing negotiations

Not all municipalities have this latitude. 40% of this is managed by large collective catering groups. Negotiations are still ongoing and are therefore made on a case-by-case basis with the municipalities.

LakeInstead of raising their prices, some municipalities are also trying to find other solutions, such as adapting recipes, removing a yogurt or a piece of cheese, reducing the weight of portions. But these alternatives must respect dietary rules.

Other municipalities apply slight increases. In Plaisance-du-Touch for example. “Our prices have not changed during the Covid. Previously we had a systematic increase of 2% on a variable part. We resume this increase without touching the fixed base, so in general the bill will rise very slightly for certain families, depending on their income bracket. tell us the city school services.

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