In Jard-sur-Mer, parents blocked Jacques-Tati . public school

Parents of students and their children, the mayor, Sonia Gindreau, elected officials and residents for the Jacques-Tati school © Journal des Sables

However, this request would be justified: since the beginning of the 2020 school year, when there are different levels per class, the Ministry of National Education recommends limiting the number of classes in the large part of the kindergarten, CP and CE1 to the maximum possible 24 students per class. Sonia Gindreau, Mayor of Jard Sur Mer, came accompanied by several deputies and elected officials to his support of angry parents.

In June, the school did not yet have the staff to have a third grade. But during the summer, with the installation of new families in Jard, the school registered more enrollments than the previous yearmeaning there are 52 students today, divided into two classes each covering five levels, with specifically four children enrolled in a very small section who will turn 3 years old during the school year.

The school therefore alerted the academy’s services to warn that numbers had increased and it was necessary to discuss the opening of a third class. The academy has teachers and appoints them according to the classes of the schools it believes have the most needs. She didn’t consider the Jacques-Tati school’s request a priority and asked teachers to adapt to integrate this increase in numbers.

outrage from parents

One class of the school contains students from the very minor part to CP, the other class contains students from CP to CM2. Parents protest:

“There are more than 24 students per class, 5 levels in each class and only 2 teachers for the whole school, while the Jacques Tati school has enough space for the opening of a third class”.

In addition, “teachers from neighboring towns are looking for work and would be willing to come to Jard,” says another parent.

When a class has 5 levels and its size increases, the lessons become more and more difficult to manage and the quality of education suffers. “Managing 4 levels with 16 students, it can be great, managing 5 levels with 25 students, it’s not the same at all,” confided one teacher. Fortunately, last year the two teachers of the Jacques-Tati school were able to benefit from the help of a student doing citizenship, who proved very helpful in guiding the children and giving “a helping hand” to teachers . Burgerservice is a 10-month contract reserved for young people aged 16-25, paid by the academic management and not renewable.

The position of the departmental inspection

The National Inspector of Education arrived at the school around 9.30 am and answered questions from parents.

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School is only compulsory for the inspector from the age of 3 and, if children under the age of three are registered, this does not justify opening a new class.

“The state deploys the funds to ensure the compulsory part of education, i.e. from 3 years to 16 years, after that there are no additional funds for the school-age children under 3, when it is not compulsory.

Parents of students reported that the school in the neighboring town, Saint-Vincent-sur-Jard, benefited from three open classes, while having only 51 pupils, one child less than in Jard. The inspector replied that Saint-Vincent had only one very small section (a child under 3 years old) and that the number of other sections (50 pupils) justified the three classes, unlike Jard who has 4 pupils in a very small section of a total of 52 students. These answers do not satisfy the parents of students who have children who are 2 and a half years old at the beginning of the school year, who will turn 3 during the year and need a good education.

Since this year, a substitute teacher has been attached to the school. For the Inspector, as soon as there is no request for a replacement from another institution, this replacement is available to the school to support the teachers’ actions. For the parents of students, this proposal is too arbitrary, since the replacement is intended to intervene elsewhere, it is not possible to program an activity, a workshop.

For the inspector, no third grade will be opened during the school year, even though new students would come in the year following the installation of new families in Jard. The decision has been taken by the faculty committee, it has been voted on and the scientific director cannot go back on a vote.

Parents of students will, for their part,study the different possible remedies so that their needs are taken into account.

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