This type of promising crypto could overshadow Ethereum, Solana and Shiba Inu

In its metaverse, the Tamaverse, the Tamadoge cryptocurrency game features dog NFTs that users and players can hit or coiner as NFT in the blockchain.

They can then maintain them and participate in challenges to climb the ranking of the best players. The latter are rewarded in TAMA tokens.

The Tamadoge is based on a well-known game console from the 90s, the Tamagotchi. But the game is much more modern and includes blockchain-based concepts such as the Play to earn. The original ecosystem token and meme currency is the TAMA token.

TAMA is used as an in-game currency to complete any in-game transaction, be it buying accessories for your pet or upgrading it.

The token will be available for trading on cryptocurrency exchanges when it is launched. He is actually available for presale here.

Best metaverse and NFT game of 2022!

Already the most popular memecoin of 2022, Tamadoge is causing a stir in the cryptocurrency community. The first of its kind, the ecosystem has several blockchain features, including an NFT marketplace and a metaverse.

A limited offer

The total number of tokens in circulation determines the supply of a token. The best tokens have deflationary characteristics, so investors can benefit from them in the long run.

The Tamadoge (TAMA) is a good student in this field as it is limited to 2 billion units. The Dogecoin, which was launched with 1 quadrillion tokens, is now struggling to appreciate as it is not rare!


For Tamadoge, the token burning mechanism implemented by the developers will help reduce TAMA token delivery. With each trade, five (5)% of TAMA token trades will be withdrawn from circulation. The initial supply will therefore decrease over time and TAMA tokens will become increasingly rare. This favors the increase in their prices.

Solid track record!

Tamadoge has a solid foundation and an ambitious roadmap for its users. This cryptocurrency project has been verified by ICO site CoinSniper and other sites.

Tamadoge’s roadmap includes creating an NFT marketplace, partnering with metaverse players, and listing popular CEXs for trading TAMA tokens.

Good media attention

A project can be interesting, if no one knows about it, it will never get off the ground. Tamadoge’s developers have not neglected the marketing aspect and understood that the project needs to build a solid community in order to grow.

This is how, although it is considered a memecoin, the Tamadoge crypto can overshadow aging projects like Solana.

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