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Xavier Niel: stay in France!

Founder of Free and of the 42 school dedicated to computer programming for all, active since 2010, has invested 30 million euros in 150 startups in web marketplaces, software and mobile applications to improve the customer relationship of companies.
His recommendation : stay in France to start your business! Contrary to what one might think given the prevailing mood in our country, the business climate there is extremely favorable (government support, tax breaks for new businesses, hyper-developed support services, etc.), making the United States an Eldorado for start-ups, with especially in Silicon Valley,” state aid is zerohe says, your employees will leave before you finish drafting the bylaws, they will pump back the idea you discussed with them, employees have no loyalty, tech people are much lower level paid three times the price [par rapport à la France] and you find yourself in a world of terrible competition (…). »
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Xavier Niel, FreeIliad credit

Jacques-Antoine Granjon: stay free
the longest possible time

Founder of Vente-privée, active since 2007, he has invested 5 million euros in 30 start-ups in export companies, start-ups focused on internationalization
His recommendation : Many entrepreneurs set up their businesses out of a love of freedom, but quickly become hand-tied once their capital is open to investors. Before you rush into financing, think about it: do you really need it right away? Are you ready to make concessions to your enterprising baby? Create the product first, look for customers, validate that your project is good, before you chain yourself to shareholders on whom you become dependent. In short, stay free as long as possible!
“What makes the success is the offering, the day-to-day execution, the founder’s long-term vision and his ability to generate the cash flow that allows him to remain independent,” he said.

Thierry Petit credit
Thierry Petit credit

Thierry Petit: having a technician
in the founding team

Co-founder of Showroom-Private, Vice President of the French Digital Association, active since 2010, has invested 1.1 million euros in 18 start-ups in new technologies and FinTech, in particular in BlaBlaCar or SigFox (network for connected objects).
His recommendation : know how to surround yourself! ” I don’t know of any solo successes. Every time I’ve started a business for myself, I’m wrong,” he admits. In addition, a team with technical competence in the targeted core activity is more likely to succeed” For any project we can have a good idea, if there is no execution it will not work. A good engineer can understand marketing (…). A good marketer cannot develop [des systèmes informatiques]. »
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Catherine Barba
Catherine Barba

Catherine Barba: Changing the World!

Serial e-commerce entrepreneur, former CEO of iFrance, founded by Marc Simoncini (predecessor in internet hosting), active since 2016, she has invested 250,000 euros in 12 e-commerce startups.
His recommendation : Obsessed with the impact of your product/service on the end customer, be it an individual or a company. Try to change the world, to bring the best in our society. “Good entrepreneurs are the ones who want to make an impact and know how to get started at the right time. “, she says.

Fabrice Grinda
Fabrice Grinda

Fabrice Grinda: Decide
out of all emotion

Web pioneer – co-founder of the site (in 1998), then serial entrepreneur in the United States, active since 1998, he has invested 50 million euros in 150 start-ups, including Airbnb, Alibaba Group, BlaBlaCar.
His recommendation : to establish your business, detect a booming sector, that is, a sufficiently large market in which consumers are not satisfied with the existing offer, as well as a market where the web can be used to overcome these shortcomings.
His second recommendation: avoid the emotional! “It was the biggest mistake I made as an investor. [à savoir retenir un projet sur des critères émotionnels]. This advice from business angel to business angel also applies to business creators: don’t choose your partners on personal criteria, but on their skills and professional know-how.
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