Side. Two classes of a school in Cahors moved after the ceiling collapsed

The Pierre Ségala de Bellevue school in Cahors, whose tarpaulin flew away during the storms, causing a lot of water to seep in and the ceilings to collapse. (©Actu Lot)

After the fierce storms that struck Cahorsin the Sideon Monday September 6, 2022 in the evening and at night, major material damage have been noted on certain buildings in Cahors, notably on Pierre Ségala School in Bellevue those classes had to move.

Infiltrations took place in the schools of Lacapelle and the Croix de Fer, as well as in Lucien Bénac in Terre-Rouge. But the greatest damage that does raising the voice of parents and municipal opposition concerns the Pierre Ségala school in Bellevue.

A canopy under sail for several months

The roof has been covered there for several months in anticipation of the work planned for 2023. The strong wind lifted the lid and left the water flows freely into the building, especially in the part of primary school where ceilings have collapsed in places, especially at the level of the CE2 class. The infiltrations even reached the ground floor.

On Tuesday 7 September and on Wednesday mornings, the parents of pupils were invited to keep their children at home if possible, even if there was care at school.

However, teachers were forced to moving temporarily their lessons. And the classes CM1 and CM2 had to be moved within the Jean Calvet school group (northern group).

The municipal opposition is on the board

This state of affairs was canceled by the parents of studentsbut also by opposition municipal elected official, Elsa Bougeardfrom Cahors on the left, is reminiscent of the banner placed on the fence of the primary school by the parents of students “The school is falling apart”.

“This banner adds to the sad spectacle that the sails have adorned the roof of the building for a year and a half. The latest bad weather hit the building hard, which had already suffered significant damage in June 2021. And luckily the worst was averted…again,” the elected official said.

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She continues: “I want to support the teachers, the town hall and the extracurricular staff who have been dealing with the situation, as well as the parents of students and their children who are experiencing a more than chaotic and worrying return to school. . The students of CM1 and CM2 are forced to continue their education for at least two months in another school in the city, with poor reception conditions.

How did we get there? Not just because of the bad weather. These are political choices that get us there, at different levels of responsibility.

At the national level, policies pursued for thirty years by Les Républicains, Hollande and Macron have impoverished communities and undermined our public services in the name of complete privacy and holy austerity. Powers are given to the municipalities without the resources that always follow. At municipal level, it is the investment priorities of the past fifteen years that raise questions. The resources are lacking, so let’s make the right choices.”

Renovations are slow

The elected official denounces the fact that despite staff warnings about the deterioration of the buildings, renovations are slow. “Patching is no longer enough. For the schools, the reality is far from the idyllic communication of the majority: buildings suffering from infiltration, dilapidated, poorly insulated; small jobs that sometimes take several years to complete; decreasing resources”, she condemns, before driving home: “And also expensive services, for which the municipality obviously does not have the resources, as this is at the expense of the safety and public service of the inhabitants.

“Since the beginning of my mandate, I have intervened to demand that everyday life be given precedence over pompous trappings, performed at great expense. In October 2021, after the collapse of part of the false ceiling of a classroom at the Pierre Ségala school and the closure of the Restos du Coeur buildings, I asked the municipality to implement an emergency plan for municipal buildings.

We cannot compromise. We are talking about student safety. We are talking about the public school, where the future of our country, our wealth and our future grows,” she concludes.

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