Canteen, medical center, school, video surveillance, hot files in Breteuil

Firefighters Breteuil get a transformed rescue center ©DR

Hardly time to recover from the end of the few holidays here and there that the mayor of Breteuil (Eure) Gerard Cheron is already in the oven and at the mill.

School at the beginning of All Saints’ Day

Even if the first magistrate of the Bretolian city can be satisfied with the end of the works on the castle Pillon de Buhorel, whose buildings were invested by Interco and the Eure . department“We still have work to do before the end of the mandate”.

With this figure, already announced last year, 8 million euros, “these are the investments in the municipality”. The focus is on another project that will also be completed very soon, the brand new Cintray-La Guéroulde school. “Normally, the delivery was planned for the end of August to be able to go back to school in September. Like many construction sites, there have been problems with the supply of materials so that we will have the keys by the end of September.”

Mayor Gérard Chéron ©Le Réveil Normand

The time to clean up and furnish the school, “the school children can invest the property at the beginning of the All Saints’ Holiday (in less than two months). Two-thirds of the paintings have been done, the floors have been laid, the heating has been installed, the building is practically finished.”

The sketch of what the school group will be
The sketch of what the school group will be ©(©Atelier des Deux Anges)

As a reminder: it is an energy building with solar panels, heat pumps, use of natural materials, slates, insulation, rock slabs and with 40 centimeters of insulation.

Medical Home, Recreation Center

At the same time, there are two projects directly related to the Interco Normandie Sud Eure. First, the medical center with an expected construction time of 15 months. “We had to free the Norman house so that the services could move to Château Pillon de Buhorel. The construction site started at the end of July and the works are in full swing. We had an unpleasant surprise when we discovered the rear facade with its half-timbering”.

Then the new recreation center. This is opposite the crèche and behind the gym. “All the structural work and masonry was done this summer. Everything else is made of wood, including the frames, but the company has a major problem with the supply of materials. Work is currently on hold and will resume in mid-October. Delivery was planned for the end of July 2023, but postponed to November 2023”.

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The impact of rising energy

Fuels, electricity, “the increase in electricity and gas worries us, explains Mayor Gérard Chéron. At the end of the year there will inevitably be a lack of money in the budget.”

As the city’s first magistrate points out, “we didn’t wait for this crisis to happen to anticipate our projects. Like the one at school or at the castle. Insulation, electricity, energy performance, we integrate all this data in our projects”.

In buildings, such as schools, “we have had glass wool replaced, we have switched to LEDs, the kitchen has been insulated again. As soon as we do something, we work on the insulation and the electricity. We place presence detectors in the town hall. We turn the heating off earlier and we risk turning it on a little later. There are no small savings”.

“When our operating costs rise, it comes at the expense of other things. To be good, we need to find surpluses on the budget side to fund our projects. The problem with increases in energy is that you end up getting as much operating expenses as revenue. Compared to public lighting, we have been switching it off at night for years. We wonder if we might be able to turn off the lighting altogether at night during the summer period. Maybe not in the inner city, but all around and in the hamlets, because in the middle of summer the daylight is until 10.30pm / 11pm. Is lighting needed at night? »

In the “hot” files of the municipality, how not to forget the churches. “Slice 0 and 1 of the Sint-Sulpicekerk have started and will last almost a year and a half for more than a million euros. You should know that the total cost of the work is 4 million euros”.

In Cintray, the same battle for the Saint-Martin church. “After the danger decree, the security work was done this summer, as well as the reinforcement of the framework. But there remains the renovation of the bell tower estimated at 700,000 euros excluding taxes (excluding the architect’s fees)”.

School canteen and central kitchen

Another project in sight, just 50 meters from the current Modeste Leroystraat restaurant, the school canteen and the central kitchen. Mayor Gérard Chéron had already explained that later. “The project is progressing. Together with the State Services, we have to look at the legal form in which we are going to set up this operation. We have to start the procedures fairly quickly, as a new area contract is coming. I would like the project to be included in this new contract. AMO (Assistance to Project Management) has created several scenarios, including Breteuil, Verneuil and Rugles”.

Because nothing beats the experience of other communities, “we went to see what is being done in Louviers, which has a total area of ​​500 m², because their system works very well,” explains Corinne Prudhomme, General Manager of Services . .

A school canteen project ©Le Réveil Normand

In bulk, the problem of municipal housing. “We have a large rental portfolio of ten homes spread over the three municipalities. We hired an architectural firm that made estimates home by home to renovate them with an emphasis on insulation and energy performance.”

fire rescue center

Finally, discussed at a previous council meeting, the Breteuil rescue center for firefighters needs a facelift. “The permit was granted this summer, Gérard Chéron confided, and a tender was launched. We are well above the estimate, more than 100,000 euros more”.

Video surveillance and fire protection

Camera surveillance. “In cooperation with the gendarmerie, things are well advanced. We have determined the points where we will place cameras, in Breteuil-sur-Iton, Cintray and La Guéroulde”.

Already mentioned: “the implementation of video security in the city, a file that has been collaborated with the services of the gendarmerie, will be launched with more than thirty cameras throughout the city. The locations will be well defined and the phases in two or three tranches. The total costs amount to 200,000 euros (with financing from the state and the ministry)”.

Fire brigade. “If we want to meet the standards, respect distances, we would have to invest 4 million euros. We are in the process of finalizing the first tranche, estimated at more than 720,000 euros. Nevertheless, we have provided more than 150,000 euros”.

Securing schools. “We have been working on the anti-burglary alarms and PPMS (Special Security Plan). In October we will change the windows of Breteuil primary school. We do it every year.”

Initially, in December 2021, the cost of the work was estimated at 363,930 euros excluding taxes. “We already have the government subsidy, the DETR. In the exchanges we had with the SDIS, the difference in costs will be borne by the SDIS (Departmental Fire and Rescue Service)”.

Feminization of the workforce

As a reminder, the Fire and Rescue Center (CIS) in Breteuil, dating from the 1960s, was no longer adapted to the current way of working. The works are planned for 360,000 euros.

“The SDIS is considering an extension of 160 m² including the creation of three bedrooms instead of just one mixed today. Indeed, the SDIS strives to best meet the needs of the feminization of its workforce (45% of the workforce is female), a matter for which the CIS Breteuil is avant-garde. »

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