A 30% cheaper online driving license offered by a 100% connected driving school

Learning your code on your smartphone and booking your instructor online, that’s what the connected driving school ‘En Voiture Simone’ has just set up in Metz (Moselle). The absence of an agency and staff makes it possible to offer a permit 30% cheaper. For local driving schools, competition is fierce and the formula is widely criticized.

After Strasbourg and Nancy, the driving school ‘En Voiture Simone’ is established in Metz. A godsend for Chris, a student, who just got his driver’s license and has to start taking driving lessons again. To book his instructor, nothing could be easier, he connects to the application of En Voiture Simone, a 100% online driving school, which puts him in direct contact with state-certified instructors. As icing on the cake, he can assess his teachers at the end of the sessions. “I pay 745 euros for 20 lessons plus the code, and I can pay in three installments. Plus I can choose my monitorssays Chris, a student in Metz.

I pay 745 euros for 20 lessons plus the code, and I can pay in three installments. Plus I can choose my monitors

Usually a Metz has to pay between 1,000 and 1,200 euros to get his driver’s license (20 hours driving and the code).

Alexandra, a certified driving instructor who has been practicing for 14 years, is also convinced of the formula. This organization allows him to be more flexible, especially on schedules. “I can adapt to the needs of candidates, start at 6am and finish at 11pm, and work weekends. I can also organize my family life better”.

As for the code, the 100% affiliated and state-approved driving school offers a dematerialized course that is available in the form of a smartphone application and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It offers quizzes and interactive tests that capture all candidate errors and let them know when they are ready to take the exam. A learning method that suits Julien, a student at a technical school in the technology park of Metz, and whose schedule varies constantly. “As soon as I have 10 minutes I will log in to the application to review my code“explains Julien, student Metz Technopôle, “between lessons, or for example queuing at the university cafeteria, it’s very practical and I don’t have to go to a driving school.

Once I have 10 minutes, I log into the application to review my code. Between two lessons, or for example in the queue at the university canteen, it is very practical and I do not have to go to a driving school.

Julien, Metz Technopole student

The educational content offers 140 illustrated and documented lessons around ten main topics of the highway code and 1,600 questions in line with the 2022 exam. Once their code is in their pocket, any student can book their driving lessons online and present themselves as a free candidate for the permit, with the support of his instructor.

Competition is fierce for local driving schools, which have to pay for classrooms, code teachers and a secretary. Mario, founder of the driving schools of the same name, explains that learning is not the same as sitting behind a screen alone. For him, “rNothing replaces support from personal, qualified instructors who enable you to be corrected immediately, remembered better and correlate the panels with driving from the code lessons”.

Nothing replaces the guidance of face-to-face qualified instructors who he says let you correct immediately, remember better and correlate the panels with driving from the code lessons.

Mario Camiolo, founder of Mario driving schools

In any case, the connected formula is gaining more and more followers. 9,400 people have already used the En Voiture Simone platform in the Grand Est since its launch in 2015 and 1.3 million across France.

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