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This Thursday, the 7th edition of the Future of Business Travel will take place, the event dedicated to transformations in Business Travel. Why is this an appointment not to be missed? We interviewed five people to gauge their opinion.

After two virtual editions in the form of a TV show, the Future of Business Travel returns to a physical format and invites more than 250 professionals to the Rive Montparnasse in Paris on April 21. Like every year, the event will explore new technologies that will have an impact within 6 to 36 months, be it in procurement, supplier/customer relationships or the traveler experience.

Registration is open to business travel managers (buyers, travel managers, executive assistants), go here

An unmissable all-day event that combines conferences, workshops and networking moments. Why go there? We interviewed five industry people to find out about the strengths of the future of business travel.

Carole Poillerat, Founder and President, ComSense and former HRS Group Executive Director Business Development:

“The Future of Business Travel is an event created to shake up the status quo, help participants think differently and be open to innovation. It makes people aware of the fact that Business Travel will no longer have the same face. It shows that all new and more established players are packed with energy and resilience to help companies optimize their interactions to keep growing. For me, this is an event rich in novelties for curious minds. »

Michel Dieleman, chairman of the AFTM:

“If humans are important in our ecosystem, technology remains essential. Especially because expectations are high in view of the new challenges, after a complicated health context. Buyers and travel managers want the best light to make the right choices and these workshops guarantee that. The event allows us to think better together and learn more about innovative startups in the sector. »

Sandra Levy, Purchaser at Metro:

“This event is an opportunity to explore new trends in business travel, both at the technological level and at the level of my colleagues’ practices. I strive to be inspired by the speakers and I am also very happy with the return to face-to-face! The different formats offered (conferences, workshops, roundtables) will also allow me to have a real exchange with my colleagues and the speakers. I only had to attend in the afternoon, but I was also able to free up part of the morning to attend certain conferences whose themes are innovative and interesting. »

Cyril Guiraud, COO and Partner of Theta and speaker at the FBT:

“The FBT is the only event in the industry that brings so many people together in such a short time, especially for business travel buyers. The exchanges are of high quality and the issues raised are always up to date, even ahead of time. It is a must for anyone who wants to get to know the ecosystem in which it operates and talk about trends. »

Claude Lelièvre, Deputy Vice-President for International Affairs and Communications at AFTM:

“Apart from a place of networking that may seem obvious, travel managers at the FBT are definitely looking for the quirky side of it. Of course, I want to talk about the forward-looking side, which allows us to project our very conservative activity onto a technological future that is ultimately very close. A second interesting feature is that we build bridges between our often technical activities and people whose CSR makes us understand every day that it is becoming an important parameter of our sector. »

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Registration is open to business travel managers (buyers, travel managers, executive assistants), go here

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