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The non-fungible token (NFT) market continues to attract players from various industries. NFTs are so popular because of the ease with which they can link projects to consumers. After sports, it is the turn of music to take an interest in it. Record companies and artists proliferate trademark applications and projects related to new technologies. Sony Music Entertainment, the famous record label, is following suit. The record giant is said to have filed a patent application for the Columbia Records logo. Another move that testifies to his desire to integrate the NFT universe and that of the Metaverse.

Sony NFT Patent Application

Sony files trademark application, one step closer to NFT space

Sony is a major player in the music industry. Inevitably, his involvement in new technologies is always under scrutiny. According to information published by Mike Kondoudisthe authorized trademark attorneyUnited States Patent and Trademark Office (UPSTO), Sony reportedly seeking patents for Columbia Records logo. With this request, he can publish recordings of live performances. The particularity of these records lies in their authentication, an operation that will be performed through NFTs.

The company wants to go even further by releasing music in NFT format. According to the same source, the request would also contain a document that includes several services. These are entertainment and marketing services related to musical works and their owners.

Sony is not the only musical player involved in new technologies, so it joins several musicians already present in the NFT space. As a reminder, the artist Muse has just delivered a feat by the . to become Number 1 on the UK NFT Limited Edition Music Chart thanks to the title “Will of the People”. Long ago, Kings of Leonthe rock group, also caused a stir by releasing the very first album in the form of an NFT.

The music giant relies on technological innovation

This submission request from Sony is not the company’s first step into new technologies. Last year it already entered into a partnership with AMC for the delivery of Spider Man non-fungible tokens. The reward was intended for the first ticket buyers, as a prelude to the launch of the film titled “Spider-Man: No Way Home”

In addition, the company took a big step towards the metaverse last April. She is said to have spent about $1 billion in Epic Games, an American video game development and distribution studio. Finally, very recently in June, Sony presented to the general public the introduction of its NFT on Theta Drop.


After Formula 1, cinema and gaming, it’s music’s turn to join the NFT revolution. Sony Music Entertainment continues to show an interest in NFTs and Web 3 through its investments. The company wants to take advantage of these technological innovations to capitalize on new ways of broadcasting concerts and events. She has proven in the past that she is willing to pay whatever price it takes to stay on top.

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